When money was exchanged in gold, silver and bronze coins, we all had a lot easier time storing up our riches. We could dig the box out of the ground, and we could look at and finger through all of our money.

Today, we have digital currency. This makes our money a lot safer, but it also makes the saving of money less “tangible.” If the Chinese, on average, can save half of their earnings, then other nations should be able to as well. How can we do this quickly and effectively?

1. Automate savings withdrawals with your bank

For Americans and other Western Nations, saving money can be more difficult than you would think. If you plan on using all of your income, you can grossly exaggerate how much you actually need to live. Instead, use an automatic savings plan. Specific amounts of money (you choose this based on your income) are deposited from your checking account into your savings account at specific times. This is an easy and free way to build up savings for money that you would typically use for entertainment if you had it. Another option is to deposit a specific percentage of each paycheck into your checking accounts. This is a great option for freelancers or people with variable income sources.

2. Buy low-cost medical equipment online

You can buy most of your medical equipment online for one-tenth of the price that you would pay through a hospital or other medical distributor. For example, when you need to use and regularly implement feeding tubes and nutritional supplementation, you can buy a Joey Kangaroo online for yourself or a family member without paying the extra overhead.

Medical equipment is often the most expensive part of your budget outside of housing expenses. Now it won’t be a problem for you or anybody else. Legitimate medical supply companies will send their equipment to residential addresses.

3. Replace parts for home medical equipment yourself

Another advantage to buying medical equipment from home is that you can now buy replacement parts for small medical devices yourself. These replacement parts will extend the life of your equipment, make the cost that much cheaper, and you will become an expert in providing your own nursing care. Notice: Remember to always follow the directions of your doctor regarding dosages and prescriptions.

4. Save on home health care by looking at real prices

If you don’t know how much something is supposed to cost, you can easily pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars more for the same thing in a professional’s office. You should always be aware of how much the average cost is of all of your medical treatment.

This article on saving money for dental implants (permanent tooth replacement) discusses viable alternatives, such as going to a dental school to have your teeth worked on by students (who are overseen by seasoned and experienced professionals). This is a fantastic way to reduce the total cost of your needed dental care without sacrificing quality.

5. Use the “double-item grocery list” method

Even a weekly expense such as grocery shopping can be turned into a major money-saving pile of gold. There is a method used by wise homemakers for decades. Very few people know about this secret: It is the “double-item grocery list” method.

First, you make a list of staple food items that you always buy in the store. In your next grocery trip, buy double of each item (or double the amount you normally get). Whenever you start and finish an item and start a new one, simply add that item to the grocery list.

You normally buy one gallon of orange juice per week. You don’t always drink all of it. This time, buy two gallons. When you finish off the first jug, you now put orange juice on your list. That way, you always have a fresh jar behind the one you are using, your tummy is always full, and you never spend more money than you need at the store.

Money stockpiling will become easier with time. In the meantime, automate the process, buy important medical equipment from home, and save on even the most basic of your grocery bills. Happy saving!

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