When I go grocery shopping, I’m always on the lookout for good deals. If it’s not on sale, I probably won’t buy it. I feel like I’m saving money that way.

Except I’m pretty sure it ends up costing me money in the long run. For example:


photo credit: flickr.com/james_lumb/

My favorite ice cream is Blue Bell Coffee Ice Cream. It’s delicious! But if it’s not on sale, it costs about $7. “No Way!” says grocery store Kevin. “That’s way too expensive.”

So what do I do when I want dessert? I hop in the car and drive to a frozen yogurt place where I spend $4.75 for one serving of dessert.

So I’m giving up roughly 8 servings of ice cream at less than a buck a serving, and exchanging it for frozen yogurt at almost five bucks a serving. How stupid. It just takes two trips to the froyo store to be more expensive than a whole carton of ice cream.

The Grocery Store is Almost Always Cheaper than Eating Out

That was just one example, but it works for almost anything. Regular priced food at the grocery store is almost always cheaper than eating out, so don’t feel bad when you buy the good stuff at the grocery store.

Splurge a little bit. Personally, knowing that I can buy anything I want at the grocery store raises the excitement level of the supermarket from mind numbing to tolerable. Maybe it’ll work for you as well.

So get out there and do your own Supermarket Sweep next time your fridge is empty!

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