There are various quick, safe ways to borrow over the short term. Even if you find yourself with a low credit score and feel lost for options, there are very trusted lenders of bad credit loans in the UK who can help you resolve your immediate financial crisis. Below are various options that you can use to borrow quickly and safely in the short term, resolving your financial crisis and helping you get back on track. 


Overdrafts are a great option for those of you with smaller financial requirements, often with a decent interest rate. By contacting your bank, you can find the best overdraft option for you, with some even having negotiable terms.

Credit cards

Smaller amount borrowing is also accessible through a credit card with an interest-free introduction period. For those of you with existing credit cards, this is worth taking advantage of, as the rate may well be better than your own. Some existing credit cards have a low balance transfer fee of 2.6% which is exceptionally low.

Bad Credit Loans

As mentioned above, if you’re struggling to get a loan or credit card because you have an impaired credit rating, then there are plenty of opportunities in this day and age to apply for a bad credit loan. Whether it is a secured or unsecured loan or even a guarantor loan where you have a dependent, many providers have recently cut the cost of borrowing for people with low credit scores. Many lenders offer the ability to take out bad credit or guarantor loans, meaning you can have a dependent who makes the payments for you if you are financially unavailable to. This in turn will also lower the cost of the loan, as the risk to the lender is minimised, while enabling those who would not previously have the ability to borrow a loan to do so. Even so, those who have had financial problems in the past are still going to find that they have to pay higher interest charges than those with excellent credit records.

Personal Loans

There are tonnes of personal loan options available, you just need to know where to look. The interest rates charged for new loans are at record lows following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. As a result, financial organisations are consistently trying to undercut one another with record breaking low APRs. As a result, the average cost of an unsecured personal loan is at its lowest in modern history.

Whatever your financial situation may be, there are countless quick and safe ways for you to borrow money. Be it from a bank or a direct lender. Always make sure you know that you are borrowing from a trusted lender to ensure your financial security. Additionally, ensure you go through a broker so you can get the best comparative rates available for you. 

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