buyahouseSuccessful sales professionals care enough about making a sale to learn to speak rapidly; they know that fast-talkers are perceived as intelligent. They are extra-friendly at times to make it hard for you to refuse their hardball tactics when they try them. They try tricks such as to open with questions that you reply to in the positive because they know that people tend to have a hard time disagreeing with someone that they’ve started out agreeing with.

These are approaches that sales professionals perfect over years, for success. If you have a house to sell, you can’t turn your psychological attitude into that of a master salesman, overnight. What you can do, is to make a few changes to the way you prepare, list and sell. When you apply the right psychological angles,  you can quickly find a better price.

Move out psychologically before you even begin

While a home purchase is the biggest transaction that the average family will ever make, nearly always, it is still an emotional decision, not one that involves hard-nosed reason. Understanding this can make selling a home a smoother experience.

The plan should be to make it easier for potential buyers coming in, to imagine your home as theirs. Two ideas can help make this happen: you need to remove every visible sign that the home belongs to you (personal items that might remind an interested party of your family instead of theirs), and you need to clean thoroughly. Not only does cleaning make your home more presentable to look at, it takes away the fragrances that are unique to your family.

While it may seem strange to think that merely removing belongings will help sell your home, it does work. It helps with the emotional decision that buying a home really is. Getting a storage unit to put all unnecessary stuff away in can help make short work of this part.

Improve your home’s appeal in every cost-effective way

Once you see that a home purchase is an emotional decision, you’ll understand right away why you need to put the best face possible on your home. Cleaning, certainly, is a good start. There is a lot more that you can do, however.

Calling in a landscaping service to freshen up the garden and plant flowers is one of the most cost-effective moves that you can pick. Changing out your home’s doorknobs and cabinet pulls, and putting in plenty of lights, can help, as well.

You don’t need to spend tens of thousands on a proper kitchen remodel; spending $2,000 on a couple of new stainless steel appliances can make for a quick, lasting impression. Buyers tend to fall in love with new appliances.

Price to sell

Most homes listed are priced slightly higher than what their sellers actually hope to get. They expect that potential buyers will want to haggle and pad their prices accordingly. It’s a good strategy to keep in mind. It does help, however, to be willing to go a little lower than everyone else with the listing price, even if by only an insignificant amount. A smaller number never fails to attract attention.

With companies like Wren Realty Inc of St. Louis, MO, if you’re interested in a quick, no-hassle sale, you could even consider selling for cash.

Consider selling in the low season

Typically, it’s the warm months of the year that most buyers begin looking. You’ll have a far easier time attracting buyers by listing at this time. There is something to be said for staying out of the peak season, as well, though. There are fewer homes on the market in winter, and your home listing is far more likely to stand out to anyone looking to buy then. With less choice to distract buyers, your home will possibly make a better impression, and sell more quickly.

It can make sense to put your house up in fall, wait a couple of months to see if you can find significant interest, and then take it out if it doesn’t. Once you’ve made a couple of improvements to your home, you can relist.

Understanding buyer psychology is crucial to finding a good buyer. With a little preparation, the right price can be far easier to come by.

Archie Whitehouse works as a realtor in his local town. He is a family man, having 3 kids under the age of 12. He writes about real estate for an online audience.


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