When it comes to packaging a product, shrink wrapping machines continuously come in convenient, simply because they are invented to make packaging and wrapping at ease before shipping. In some cases, each product is wrapped with plastic or commonly known as shrink wrap film. When this plastic film is heated, the shrink wrapping machine takes the product shapes.

On the other hand, the main purpose why the majority of business use shrink wrap machines is to protect their products from dirt and getting damaged during the shipment. Nevertheless, these days the marketplace is loaded with different types and sizes. However, some of these shrink machines can be found at https://www.maripak.com/en/shrink-wrap-machine/. And each of this shrink wrap machine has distinct features. To find out let us see the different types of shrink wrapping machines.

Types of Shrink Wrapping Machine

As what was mentioned a while ago, shrink wrapping machines come in several sizes and types. That is why most of the time businesses, especially packaging industries are having a hard time in choosing the best type of shrink wrapping machine that is suitable for their business. So to help, decide or chooses you we have listed the different types of shrink wrapping machines.


  • l-Bar Sealers


This type of shrink wrapping machine is called l-bar because it is equipped with a single sealing bar. In fact, l-bar sealer is normally found at several low output operations. This sealing bar works well for shrink tubing as well as shrink bags, especially during higher speed operations.

It can cut a plastic shrink film in just a single motion. On the other hand, the l-bar sealer comes with everything especially features or qualities that you are needing before you start wrapping your products.


  • L-Bar Sealers


The L-bar sealers are perfect for any kind of plastic shrink film. However, this type of shrink wrapping machine is more expensive compared to others. Compared to l-Bar sealer, this sealer has 2 sealing bars that look like a backward “L”. On the other hand, L-Bar sealers are created to seal or wrap shrink film rolls that are positioned in the center. These film rolls are bent in half-length ways.

In addition, this type of wrapping machine is perfect to use during low and medium output processes.


  • Heat Sealers


The majority of shrink wrap processes utilize heat sealers to seal or cover the open parts of every shrink wrapping material. Though there are various exclusions when sealers are not used or required, however, most applications are using heat sealers.

Final Thoughts:

With the of shrink wrapping machine, you will be able to wrap and seal your business products easily. Nevertheless, now that you already know the different types of shrink wrapping machines and their uses on the other hand, perhaps you have now an idea what type of wrapping machine is suitable for your business. Furthermore, if you want to know more about this machine you can watch automatic shrink packaging machine video so that you will be enlightened how these wrapping machines really work.


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