In today’s global economic climate, staying in touch with clients, suppliers, and contacts is extremely important for a business of any size. As a small business owner, your network may be spread far and wide, particularly if you work in new media or run an online business. The cost of international phone calls and high speed internet to reach this network can really add up over time.  If you’re looking for a way to cut your communication costs both at home and abroad, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind.

Bundle your Services

Do you have separate bills for your business’s mobile phones, landlines, and internet service? Not only does this create a bigger headache for the accounting department, but it also might mean that you’re overpaying for your media services. Using a single provider and bundling your services into one package may yield you a greater discount. Shop around and ask about media packages to find the best carrier for your small business’s needs.

Use Communication Apps

Using technology can save small businesses a great deal of money, whether it’s through paperless banking, open source software, or teleconference services. Another way to use technology to cut costs is by downloading today’s top communication apps. You may already use tools like Skype on your computer to save money on teleconferencing, but services like these are also available in an app form that allows you to place lower cost international calls to your overseas contacts. Some of these will allow you to place free calls within the same network, while others will charge subscription costs or a per-minute fee. In addition to Skype, you’ll find that WhatsApp, Rebtel, and Viber are a few of the top choices.

Get Rid of your Landline

Is your business still using a landline? For retail operations this may be necessary, but if you work from a variety of locations or don’t handle a heavy volume of calls each day there might be better solutions that could eliminate the cost of a landline entirely. Companies like Primus offer everything from virtual phones to VoIP services that might be more suited to your business model.

Explore Prepaid Phones for Employees

If you find yourself paying overage fees or that you don’t even come close to using all of the minutes in your wireless plan, you might want to consider purchasing prepaid phones or SIM cards instead. A SIM card with Lebara or other similar providers can be loaded up with minutes and then used in your phone, allowing you to control your media budget more effectively. Some options require you to use a monthly minimum, while others can simply be paid in advance. Prepaid options can also be used to cut costs when travelling. For example, if your employees are travelling on a business trip, you could give them a prepaid global SIM card allowing them to make cheap calls with Lebara back home to check in. This helps your business avoid costly roaming fees.

Many businesses are paying far too much for their media bills. By exploring these alternative options, you can whittle down your monthly media costs and save money to invest back into your business. Be sure to compare terms and conditions carefully and shop around to benefit from the best rates.

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