skincare shouldnt be expensive

The skin is indeed the mirror of the soul. We all desire youthful, radiant, glowing skin. Skin that is like a timeless vessel. Contrary to what you may have read on skin care blogs you don’t need to slather your skin with expensive cocktails of lotions and salves to achieve radiant skin.

On the contrary, there are tons of affordable skin care regimes that are easy to apply and give your skin that would rival Cleopatra’s. Make 2019 the year you glow up with these affordable skin care solutions.


  • Eat your way to Radiant Skin


Are you feeding your skin enough vitamin A? Dry, flaky and wrinkly skin is craving for vitamin A. Food sources rich in vitamin A are packed with antioxidants that keep wrinkles at bay and prevent premature aging. Antioxidants brighten your skin complexion and protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Zinc-rich food sources maintain the skin collagen for firm skin, prevent skin inflammation and heal acne scars. Citrus fruits promote radiant skin and replenish collagen levels to keep wrinkles away. Omega 3 foods fight skin inflammation and keep skin supple and hydrated.

Healthy foods have tons of nutrients for beautiful, radiant skin. Stock up on healthy food options from your local grocery and eat your way to glowing skin. Fill up on a rainbow of fruits and vegetables for maximum benefits. Remember, you are what you eat.


  • Wear your Fruits


Fruit packs are inexpensive options to get amazing radiant skin. They are produced from fruit pulps or purees. These packs are all natural and are loaded with tons of skin-friendly nutrients.

They are safe to use, easy to whip up. They rejuvenate the skin giving you a flawless and glowing complexion. Choose a blend of fruits and vegetables rich in citric acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, antioxidants and skin brightening enzymes for clear, fair, radiant and even-toned skin.

Fruit facials boost your skin in different ways and are suitable for specific skin types. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin before applying fruit pulps for higher benefits.  


  • Block out the Rays


Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can lead to premature aging. Harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun are responsible for skin tanning and skin damage. The rays accelerate premature wrinkles, dark spots, tough leathery skin, discolorations, and skin cancers.

Stock up on sunblock and slather a generous amount of sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Choose a sunblock with at least SPF 15 and go for “broad spectrum” products. If you intend to stay in the sun for quite some time, reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours.

Wear protective gear such as wide-brimmed hats and dark sunglasses. Buy clothing with UPF protection.

Avoid staying out during peak hours. Opt for shade during the peak hours of the day when the sun is hottest, and its rays are intense. This is usually between 10 am to 4 pm.


  • Facial Massages


Most beauty experts swear that you need to keep your hands off your face for glowing skin. You might need to rethink this beauty trick, especially with facial massages. This do-it-yourself trend promotes lymphatic drainage to rid the skin of toxins and reduces fluid retention which gives you a puffy look.

Facial massages boost production of collagen and enhance blood circulation in the skin. Regular sessions firm your facial tissues elevates your facial muscles to prevent sagging skin giving you a youthful glow.

Circulation makes it easy for your skin to absorb topical ointments, lotions, and serums. Regular massages combined with facial moisturizers prevent premature aging and keep wrinkles away.


  • Strip off Dead Skin


If you are dealing with a dull, acne-prone lifeless complexion, we get your struggle. Kiss breakouts and acne goodbye with exfoliation. Exfoliants strip away dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to expose a brighter, healthier and glowing complexion.

You don’t need to break the bank for a chemical exfoliant. There are tons of inexpensive options in the market. You can also opt for natural exfoliants such as oatmeal, coffee or apple cider vinegar which is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids that balance the skin ph.

You can also purchase exfoliant gloves to exfoliate your whole body. Body peels rich in fruit enzymes, glycolic and lactic acids are also a suitable option to nourish your skin and unclog your pores. Dry brushing stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system to drain away toxins from the body for healthy skin.


  • Hydrate your Skin


When your skin is dehydrated, you are prone to developing crepe skin or elephant skin. Your skin texture gets crinkled because the elastin fibers fall apart and your skin can no longer bounce back to its original form when stretched. When weeding through the best skin products, we found a list of the best crepe skin lotion to revive your skin’s elasticity.

Skin moisturizers work in two ways:  they either trap moisture in the skin layer and create a superficial barrier to prevent further evaporation. They can also penetrate the skin and restore moisture lost from the skin’s outer layer.

Skin moisturizers boost collagen production. Collagen smoothens out wrinkles, retains skin elasticity and prevents aging. Moisturizers balance the production of sebum by the skin preventing breakouts and skin inflammation.


  • Switch your Hair Pantry


If you suffer from constant breakouts from your forehead, face, back or neck your hair care products might be sabotaging your skin goals. Your hair regularly rubs on your skin. Oily products clog your pores and irritate your skin causing inflammation and skin flare-ups.

To banish clogged pores and stop pimples before they form avoid oil-based products. They trap bacteria and create a breeding ground for acne. Gel pomades and hair sprays have high alcohol content which is irritating to the skin.

Experiment with various hair care products to find one that suits your skin. Opt for products with natural ingredients and wash your hair in the shower before you wash your face and body.

A healthy glowing skin gives us an extra boost of confidence. Are you looking to fire up your skin care routine? The magic doesn’t lie inexpensive drug store products, but in simple and affordable solutions we can integrate into our daily routines.

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