One-third of American adults aren’t happy with their smile. Are you one of them?

Studies show that our smile not only impacts our health but also impacts others perception of us. Having a great smile can improve our social interactions, professional success, and confidence.

But what about the cost?

74 million Americans are going without dental insurance! Not having dental insurance, or inadequate dental insurance, can make dental care more challenging.

If you find yourself thinking you can’t afford dental care, think again! There are now many dental payment plans that you can choose from.

Dental Payment Plans: Options Galore!

Dental financing has become more common as the price of service increases, and dentists are more open to accepting alternative methods of payment.

Two of the best options that dental care providers work with are a dental credit card and a dental loan. Dentists may even provide their own credit line to patients, or repayment plans.

Dental Credit Cards

You may be thinking, “Why add another credit card to my wallet?!”

Unlike a typical credit card, a dental credit card offers promotional interest-free options, as well as reduced APR. This means that if the balance on your transaction is paid off within the promotional period, you don’t have to worry about interest!

Unlike a loan, a credit card has a revolving credit line. Once you pay your balance down, or off, you can continue to use the card for further treatment.

A dental credit card can be used for preventative, as well as cosmetic and restorative dentistry needs. That means you can use it for a fluoride treatment, endodontics, or even that all on four dental implants you were looking at.

Dental Loans

A dental loan is a type of personal loan. Dental loans, like many medical loans, tend to be unsecured. This means that rather than a lender requiring collateral, they rely on your credit score and ability to repay. The lender may look at your debt to income ratio.

When you apply for a dental loan, you begin by requesting a specific loan amount. Once you’re approved, the funds will then be transferred to your bank account. Once in your bank account, you can then use the money for your dental work.

The loan approval process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks. Knowing the approval process up front is helpful for scheduling appointments and surgeries in advance. You can set up your calendar without the stress of coming up with money quickly.

Your New Smile Is Waiting For You!

Dentists understand that with the rising costs of dental work, you are making an investment. Your investment with dental treatments is for not only your health but your confidence too!

With the dental payment plans that are now available, you can achieve that perfect smile without the financial stress. Whether you choose to use a dental loan or a dental credit card, dental work is now more accessible than ever.

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