The graduate job market is often becoming a tougher and tougher field for those just leaving university to break into. It can be that you are finding it hard to work out what to do with those more slightly abstract university degrees, such as philosophy or art history. Or perhaps there just seems to be an over subscription in your chosen degree such as architecture or psychology. Jobs can be lacking no matter which university you went to or how well you did while you were there. Here’s a few things to keep in mind if this happens to you.

Firstly, work out what it was that inspired you to apply for your university when you were first choosing courses and dreaming about student digs. If this is because you had a very specific occupation in mind, then this might not be too helpful. But if it was not an occupation you had in mind when applying, this can be a great way to broaden your horizons, and work out what other occupations can have similar aspects to those motivations that made you apply for a certain course.

Similarly to the previous step, rather than looking at what motivated you to apply for a certain course. Work out what made you want to go apply for jobs you are not able to currently find. If you can work out the motivation, what the jobs offered you, and everything in between that made you apply, then you put yourself in good stead to have a list of qualities and factors which can help widen your opportunities. This can help in two ways. First, it can help find careers that you may not have previously considered. Secondly, if you can extract certain factors of a career and apply them to other areas, then you are helping create relative work experience for your originally desired career. Thus, you are creating a stepping stone for yourself to help get toward the job you were hoping to obtain once leaving university.

If none of this helps and/or applies to you, then it’s time to start thinking outside of the box a little more. Firstly, you might just want to choose a completely different career path, it’s not the end of the world if you do this, and you can always keep an eye out for jobs you currently find more appealing. Or perhaps think of ways outside of employment in which you can help bolster your CV to make yourself more appealing in those competitive job markets, such as volunteering.

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