2020 has not been a good year for more reasons than one, making it one of the worst years for mental health in the last century. This is why we do not need any other reason to spend our satoshis and bitcoins, than just for the sake of having fun and busting stress.

Fortunately, bitcoin is now accepted in more places than it was in 2019. This has consequently opened up the market to cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular. On that note, and mostly for the sake of loosening up a bit, we are going to go through some of the most fun activities that anyone in the USA can pay for with bitcoins.

You Can Buy Video Games

Bitcoin is now hovering around the $10,500 mark, so you will likely be able to buy every game one could possibly want in a whole year by just spending 0.25 bitcoin! In case you are wondering which video game retailers accept bitcoin, head over to the Microsoft Store, Newegg or Overstock to get your answer.

You Can Play in Online Casinos

Popular online casinos such as Slots.Com or Golden Star Casino accept payments in bitcoin, but that’s not all there is to it. In fact, a new member will also receive bonus bitcoin in credit in these casinos, as part of their welcome bonus package for bitcoin users.

You Can Buy Unique Items from Etsy

What makes Etsy different compared to other eCommerce websites is the fact that customers can find unique, handmade, artistic items here that they will not be able to find anywhere else. Most items sold on Etsy are aesthetic and fashion-oriented products such as jewelry, sold by small businesses and the artists themselves. And the best part is, Etsy accepts payment in bitcoin.

You Can Buy Gift Cards

Whether you are planning to gift an item to someone, or maybe order a new product from Amazon for yourself, you will find that Amazon does not accept payments in bitcoin. That, however, is not a problem because there are a bunch of websites that sell gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, Play Store and also several other popular online retailers, in exchange for bitcoin. Compare the exchange rates that each of the sites are offering on that day, before buying a gift card from any of them. It will allow you to get the highest available value form your cryptocurrencies.

For those that are wondering, there are several other activities that you can use your bitcoins for as well. This includes charity, financial investments, buying real estate and so much more. They were not specifically detailed here because fun, relaxation and busting stress are the primary themes of this post. If you are a philanthropist with a purse to match though, there are quite a few charitable organizations that accept bitcoin donations online. Just make sure that you are indeed donating to an authentic cause, and not being conned for having a good heart!

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