Welcome to the New Thousandaire

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Now that I've been at this blogging thing for over 3.5 years, I have learned a thing or two about website design. It was painfully obvious that I needed to redesign Thousandaire, and I've finally done it. The changes are substantial and yet subtle at the same time. I actually made the change last week and haven't seen a single

The Newsletter is Coming Back From the Dead

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Many of you are receiving this post in your email and you might be thinking "What in the name of Uncle Fred is going on here?" The answer is I'm bringing the Thousandaire Newsletter back from the dead. I started this newsletter a long time ago but only sent out two or three editions. It turns out it didn't make

How to Save Money on Web Hosting

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In the last few weeks you may have noticed my website running a little faster. You also may have noticed that my new faster web hosting is cheaper than my old host. Wait, no, you wouldn't know that. That's why I'm telling you now! This website has been moving slowly for months now, and I've been wanting to do something

Get Excited for the Plutus Awards and FINCON12!

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Today is the first official day of the Financial Blogger Conference, with the main event being the Plutus Awards hosted by yours truly. I was asked on twitter on Monday when I'd be doing my next music video. The answer is tonight. I'm going to kick off this awards show with a live musical performance accompanied by a little slide

Vote for the Plutus Awards

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As you may have heard, I'm the MC of the Plutus Awards at #FINCON12 this year. I'm preparing some pretty exciting things to make sure it's a fun and entertaining event, but the most important part of the night is the winners of the awards. That's where you come in. Nominations for the Plutus Awards opened today and I'd love

I’m the Master of Ceremonies at the Plutus Awards at FINCON12

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I'm sure there are a bunch of you out there thinking "I love Kevin's music videos and his sense of humor so much, I wish I could see him live!" Okay, maybe my mom is the only person actually thinking that, but I'm still excited to announce that I will be hosting the 2012 Plutus Awards (personal finance blogging awards)