Thousandaire Site Update – 12/11/11

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I'm back from vacation! That should be a good enough update for you. I can't wait to get back into writing these posts and connecting with my readers. The only other thing I have to update is that I'm almost certainly going to be making a new website at some point in the near future. I have two ideas in

Thousandaire Site Update – 12/3/11

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As you've probably seen from Thursday and Friday, I'm on a blogging vacation. I do have an update on my next music video. And it's not a good one. :( I have one that almost done, but I just didn't have time to get it done before taking my 10 days off. Oh well. If I can get a Christmas

Thousandaire Site Update 11/27/11

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From now on, I will be posting site updates over the weekend. Call me a super-nerd, but sometimes I like to talk about blogging. I don't want to write posts about blogging during the week (unless it's about how to generate income via blogging, which is a fantastic personal finance topic that I'm really not qualified to write about at

What I Learned About Financial Bloggers at FINCON

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As you may know, I was at the Financial Blogger Conference last weekend. I had a lot of fun, met some awesome people, and barely made it out alive after being swarmed by a mob of sexy 20-something babes who were kicking, scratching, and pulling each others hair for the opportunity to meet me in person. At least that's how

Holy Crap! You Guys Are Awesome!

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Let me tell you guys how awesome you are. A few weeks ago I did a little economics post about how businesses exist to create profit, not jobs. At the bottom of the page, I added a few links to some articles in the personal finance world. I read a lot of great stuff every week, so I figured I

Free Stuff and More Music Videos for Thousandaires

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Have you ever seen The Social Network? Mark Zuckerberg's partner wanted to sell ads on "The Facebook" for a few thousand dollars. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to keep the entire site free of advertisements until it was big enough to command tens of thousands. Or hundreds of thousands. Or millions. That's the theory I've tried to apply to this website. I