Great Gifts that Don’t Cost A Lot

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My birthday was about two months ago and one of my friends sent me a present in the mail. One of the worst things about my apartment (and one of the reasons I'm glad I'm moving) is that they never tell me when I have a package. I guess they just assume I'll know to go pick up a surprise

7 Ways to Have Fun Without Spending Money

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Some young adults have a mindset that they can't have fun if they aren't spending money. A lot of people my age spend their free time going out to restaurants and bars, going to expensive concerts or sporting events, golfing, or any number of other expensive activities. Sometimes you can feel left out if you don't have the money to

I Might Be Naked In Costa Rica

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Dear Spirit Airlines: Thanks for giving me a good deal on a flight to Costa Rica. ($431 Round Trip FTW!) I hope those savings pay for the therapy I'll need for how badly you tried to violate me with ridiculous fees. As many of you know, I'm going to Costa Rica for three weeks this summer to learn Spanish and

I’m So Cheap Again!

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The most popular post I've ever written was a self deprecating entry where I was so absurdly cheap that I literally spent close to an hour shaving, consolidating and melting candle wax from the edges of an old burnt candle to use that wax in a new candle. Not only was I cheap, but also dumb inefficient after my readers

I’m So Cheap

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Ask any of my friends to describe me in a few words. Well, you probably don't know any of my friends, so I'll tell you what they'd say after they were done talking about how I'm so good looking, intelligent and humble. I'm cheap. I'm a miser. Penny pincher. Tightwad. You get the point. I usually take these