I Need Cheap Easy Delicious Man Recipes

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At some point in a man's life, he has to stop eating Taco Bell (which can have disastrous results) and start eating healthy. That point in my life is approaching very quickly. I'm sick of eating out. I'm sick of spending a bunch of money on food. I'm sick of my girlfriend yelling at me for not eating vegetables. I

Trendy is Another Word for Overpriced

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Last night I went out to a trendy restaurant in downtown Cincinnati. I'm on a business trip for work, which means the company pays for all my meals. I'm usually a boring eater. I know what I like: steak, chicken, potatoes, and bread. Maybe some fruit on the side, but I like to keep it simple. If I'm going to

Great Gifts that Don’t Cost A Lot

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My birthday was about two months ago and one of my friends sent me a present in the mail. One of the worst things about my apartment (and one of the reasons I'm glad I'm moving) is that they never tell me when I have a package. I guess they just assume I'll know to go pick up a surprise

Eat Before You Go to Lunch

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I've been spending a lot of time working on other things for my blog like t-shirts, writing new songs, and some other stuff. I've also been hit with a minor case of writer's block. This would normally be bad for someone who posts a new article every day, but then it hit me: I can share the stuff I wrote

The Most Embarrassing Four Dollars I’ve Ever Spent

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It was pleasant for a late afternoon in early fall in Dallas. The sun was still shining brightly, but the intensity of its rays had waned as the Earth's favorite star dipped towards the horizon.  I had just completed a four hour marathon of Ultimate and was headed home to rest. Many people would refer to this sport as Ultimate

Unique Ways Cane’s Chicken Fingers Saves Money

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I had lunch at Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers earlier this week. From the time I ordered at the counter to when I sat down, I noticed four incredibly unique and innovative ways that this restaurant is saving more money than other fast food restaurants. While I don't know if I would do all of these things if I owned a