Just Because You Make Money Doesn’t Mean You Know What to Do With It

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The following is a guest post from brand new blogger Jacob who is getting started with his website I Heart Budgets. Check out his story below and then check out his brand new website! This is an interesting post for me, as it is one of my first published posts ever, and it's not even on my own blog. So,

How to Travel as a One-Thousandaire

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Howdy folks, this is Paula from AffordAnything.org. (Kevin's Note: If you remember, Paula was the inspiration for Get Married for College Money and is one of my favorite bloggers. Check out this great guest post, and then I highly recommend you check out her blog!) In honor of my first guest post at Thousandaire, I started brainstorming a list of

Financial Motivation Blog Swap Round-Up

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Hello friends. I bet you weren't expecting a weekend post! Well today I have the pleasure of hosting the fifth Yakezie Blog Swap. Twenty two of the best personal finance bloggers on the internet have come together to answer one question: What is your Financial Motivation? These bloggers are letting you into some of their deepest personal thoughts and motivations,

The Biggest 401k Mistakes You Can Make

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I'm Robert from The College Investor and I'm swapping blogs with Kevin today for the Yakezie Blog Swap! You can head over to my site to read Kevin's pet peeve about Roth IRAs. My biggest financial pet peeve has to do with 401(k)s and how the government tries to make it easy to save, but then gives people every way