Would You Pull the Plug for $35 million?

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You know I like talking philosophy and morals, and our lovely government has teed up a great philosophical discussion like a Titleist Pro V1 at St. Andrews. Assuming the new tax bill passes in its current form, the estate tax is going to raise from 0% this year to 35% on everything over $5 million. For some historical context, 2010

Thousandaire-anormal Activity

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Last night I was just minding my own business and all of a sudden some freaky stuff happened. Luckily I caught it all on video for your viewing pleasure. I seriously thought I was a goner for a minute there. If you haven't watched the video yet, DO IT NOW. The rest of this post won't make any sense if

The Best Way To Influence Your Tax Burden

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In the short history of my blog, I talked a bit about reducing your tax burden. This post talks about donating money strategically to itemize deductions and save more money. This spreadsheet shows the benefits of using tax deferred accounts. This is an important topic, and one that will surely get more attention in the future. There are numerous ways

Sorry Church, I Need Tax Benefits

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In 2009, I was a good Catholic boy and donated $200 a month to my church. When you add my donations to the United Way and my alma mater, I donated close to $2,700 to charity in 2009. You know what that did for me when I started filing my taxes? Nothing. You can itemize deductions, but it

Haven’t Made A Budget

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For a downloadable MP3, go to the "Downloads" page. Haven't Made A Budget I'm not surprised, my money goes fast I've broken my bank so many times, I stopped keeping track Tried to show off with a brand new TV But we can't even watch it without electricity I tried so very hard to impress her Because I wanted so

The RC Output Guide

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Download The RC here. Strap yourself in for quite possibly the most exciting three minutes you've ever had in your life. Seriously, you get to learn about what the fields in the RC mean, which means you are three minutes closer to being a thousandaire. Okay, so the video itself is a little dry, but if you don't know what's