Businesses may notice it’s difficult to rank well in Google. They’re outshone by big brands supported by bigger marketing budgets. Yet, there’s one level playing field worth exploring: lead generation on Facebook.

The social platform with billions of users offers unbridled access for business owners. A business can explore both free and paid lead generation strategies.

What strategies work on the World’s largest social ecosystem?

This article shares five stellar lead gen tactics for Facebook. Try each, see what works, and integrate the best into your marketing stack. Do so and you’ll no longer worry about the pressure to perform on platforms like Google.

1. Create, Join, or Leverage FB Groups

Engagement is critical for lead generation. There’s no better way to reach interested people than through Facebook groups. These groups house niche communities — those passionate about what you likely provide.

Do one of three things:

  • Create a FB group around your business, niche, or industry
  • Join FB groups that include people that love what you offer
  • Target FB groups through ad campaigns

Ad/message specificity will increase clicks and engagement. Match the tone and topics to boost your campaign’s effectiveness when using FB groups.

2. Promote a Niche Resource

Within every niche is a need for valuable tools and resources.

For example:

  • Downloadable templates
  • Document generators
  • Calculators and/or graphing

A tool is a great way to data-mine information from site visitors. Each use logs information a business can use to learn more about their visitor. Plus, its value can help it get covered in blog posts, word-of-mouth, and social media. does a great job at providing a hyper-specific, niche tool. Plus, extra resources via templates. Another example includes the free keyword tool like

The two aren’t trying to please every need and want. This lets their owners refine who they’re targeting through Facebook ads.

3. Provide Customer Service

Great customer service in the open does two things:

  • Meets the needs of your customers
  • Shows transparency and helpfulness to others

Yes, people pay attention to how you respond to inquiries on Facebook. A great answer could get people interested in your business offers. In effect, you’re building a helpful brand through Facebook.

When you get new inquiries:

  • Offer a freebie or trial
  • Direct people to a landing page
  • Collect lead details and contact info

4. Funnel Users through Ads

Advertising on Facebook places ads on FB and Instagram when selected. The best way to get a return is by funneling users to a hyper-specific landing page built to convert.

Do this:

  1. Set up and optimize a landing page using a landing page builder
  2. Tailor the message to reflect what’s mentioned in the ad
  3. Offer an incentive to collect visitor information (like email)
  4. Run Facebook lead gen ads and funnel qualified leads to the page
  5. Drip email marketing messages with the occasional promo

Take what you learn from this campaign and repeat it. Likewise, use feedback to refine your marketing funnel to deliver more value. These two actions increase conversion optimization rates and ROI.

Going Beyond Lead Generation on Facebook

Lead generation on Facebook follows similar strategies used on other social platforms. So, mastery of FB creates opportunities if you want to explore Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!

Learn everything there’s to know about social media. In doing so, you’ll expand your lead generation funnel. And, generate more sales!

Use our quick guide to social media marketing to explore the opportunities.

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