Americans spend a majority of their lives at work, with the average American putting in 8.8 hours a day and 44 hours a week. That equates to more than a third of a seven-day week, which equates to more than half or a person’s lifetime. Job satisfaction is tantamount to a person’s overall happiness, which is why, every year, career sites across the web release lists that name the best places to work in the coming year. Those lists are then shared on major news sites such as and Business Insider. If you want to be happy in the coming year and in your career, consider applying for a job at any one of the companies listed below.

Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a consulting firm that strives to help forward-thinking businesses anticipate the unexpected and adapt to changes in such a way as to outcompete the competition. The company works with businesses that embrace the future and strive to define it, not to hide from it. These businesses are run by individuals with high aspirations who are determined to overcome and adapt. It looks to employ individuals who are immensely talented and who possess an undergraduate, MBA, or other advanced degree.

In N’ Out

In N’ Out may be a “fast food” joint, but it’s been rated by Glassdoor as one of the top three best places to work in 2018 and received 4.5 stars out of more than 1.4 thousand reviews on Indeed. According to the review, you have a great opportunity to advance both in store and at corporate level, and the training and support structure are unparalleled. In addition to a great hourly pay, In N’ Out offers medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and a 401(k) plan. The work-life environment isn’t so bad either.


LinkedIn, according to reviews, offers an exceptional work-life balance, a challenging work environment, great leadership, and an awesome culture. Surprisingly, most workers claim that “food” is one of the number one perks of working with the online networking company. The company shuts down for two weeks out of the year for “rest and relaxation,” offers 401(k) match, has an in-building gym, and provides medical and dental benefits…on top of the free food it proffers.


Facebook has routinely been ranked as the number one place to work, but after the recent scandal, it dipped to number seven, which still is not bad. Individuals who work at Facebook claim that they work with others who are talented and empathetic of others, that they conduct “important work” with a huge scope, and that they are allowed “enormous self-direction.” Many Facebook employees have worked with Google and claim that while Google was a good starting point, Facebook is the best large company for which they have ever worked.


The best part about working for Google is that it’s a company with a vision, which means that you can always be looking forward to something. The greatest pitfall of working for the company, however, is that it seems to promise more than it can deliver. While many employees appreciate the independence of their roles, many more do not appreciate that they must compete with all external and internal candidates to move up in the ranks.

Today’s companies are becoming increasingly more appealing to work for thanks to better benefits, better work environments, and better cultures. However, some companies are better to work for than others. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career with a promising company, look into positions with the above five companies.

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