eMarketer has announced very curious statistics that will certainly be useful for app Publishers and developers. Read till the end and enjoy this feeling of excitement!

Mobile advertising spendings are expected to reach 43-45% of common media advertising, to be more understandable, it is more than budget for all traditional medias together. One should certainly be a cold fish, if this information doesn’t make you inflamed.

The same source also says that only 10% of advertising will be non rtb advertising. Great part of it belongs to Private Marketplaces. Your heart beating is likely to be trembling if your ad stack mainly consists of waterfall settings to regulate the demand that is based on performance or amount of loadings.

If you look at the calendar, you are certainly to see that we have not so much time until 2k20 coming and it is high time to change something in your business, taking into account the information above.

The time of going away from waterfall

Unfortunately, such approach will continue showing its poor effectivity, the same as current networks. Next step is biddings in app headers.Desktop Publishers can be a bright example here: in relatively recent 2015 programmatic expenses have taken bigger focus in brand expenses and header biddings were at the tipping point.

Nearly 76% of American Publishers have adopted the tendency in 2018. It becomes impossible for app developers to collect information with the help of side SDK about real time prices via parallel auctions or intensify the competition for their resources. Historical data should be used to prioritize installed in the apps SDKs. Additional SDKs are likely to be required as we will face bid increasing. It may seem not obvious, but the files will become bigger and billing plans all together with spending of resources for mobile devices will grow as well.

App developers may feel quite cabined in making income as they are not allowed to add or remove partners without verifying their apps and some other crucial points.

Private Marketplaces are becoming main characters at the stage

Brands understand that applications is one of good ways to reach their clients and PMPs, like nobody else, can support with their security – the best way to boost your revenue try advertising platform. Advertisers get in touch with PMPs immediately after finding working equipment to have an advantage that will outshine the competitors.

How do they work?

It is a dream for a small Advertiser to be posted on the website of Coca-Cola. As the resource is quite popular with the hugest traffic it will certainly ask for higher prices and, probably, will be very strict about the ads themselves. In some sense, it is like a private club where only special members are admitted.

The whole process remains typical with the only provision that some Advertisers can be excluded or, vice versa, invited. When such high-class impressions are not sold they go to common open marketplaces and treated in general manner.

SDKs are keeping focus

Appsflyer has also supplied us with very interesting information: it is predicted that developers will continue keeping an eye on SDKs assistance and growth apps loading income. The latter one is expected to grow for more than a half for almost two years. Developers should be also happy as brands are steadily applying to applications to enlarge the coverage and, thus, extra income can be easily earned.

Those who wants to be prepared, should immediately use the weapon we have given. As a result, you will grow a lot in combination with current marketing strategies and enjoying extra programmatic incomes. Mobile devices keep attracting attention, mind it.

So, guys, sweaty hands is not a good thing to make the first impression right – write us to know more about the topics we have discussed and we will tell you something really interesting.

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