It is estimated that well over 10,000 online businesses are launched each month. While there is no doubt that they have all been started with good intentions, why is it that only a small percentage actually enjoy success down the line? This is an interesting question and in truth, there is no single answer. In the majority of cases, a series of cascading errors has been made. The key is to possess the ability to spot such pitfalls before they cause us to stumble and fall. Let’s take a look at some of the most common (and costly) mistakes that can be easily rectified if they are caught early during the website creation process. 

Small Errors Can Lead to Profound Consequences 

The most ubiquitous mistake involves entering into an online venture without possessing a clear idea of what you are hoping to achieve. Do you want to earn extra income in addition to your normal profession or are you hoping to start a full-time enterprise? Not having an insightful understanding of what you desire is similar to flying a plane without any radar and hoping that you will encounter the runway. 

The second error essentially involves impatience. In all fairness, such a mindset has been largely promoted by those so-called e-commerce “experts” who claim that you can become a millionaire within less than a year (or some other entirely unrealistic time frame). The fact of the matter is that you will need to be committed to the project if you ever hope to turn a profit. As a result, be patient and expect to encounter stumbling blocks as you progress. These are simply part of the learning curve and they are virtually impossible to avoid. 

It is just as important to touch upon the more technical aspects of starting an online business. Some would-be entrepreneurs are under the false impression that a website alone will sell a product or service. Nothing could be further from the truth. You will need to leverage the applications and technology at your fingertips in order to maximise your online presence (and to attract the appropriate audience). Although a minor amount of JavaScript or CSS may be required, you will be pleased to learn that there are a variety of user-friendly software packages to employ along the way. So, what are some of the most innovative options that successful businesses are employing and what benefits can these provide to your budding firm? 

Using the Modern Tools at Your Disposal 

Most startup businesses are operating within tight financial constraints. So, the concept of spending money on superfluous applications is an impossibility. Other issues such as inventory storage and shipping costs can likewise eat into a Spartan budget. This is why many firms are choosing to leverage the innovative aspects of drop shipping software. As a third-party supplier will stock and sell the products themselves, metrics such as on-site storage are no longer concerns. You might able to be enjoy additional windfalls such as reduced shipping rates and bulk discounts. Still, we are only scratching the surface. 

E-commerce should always involve analytical insight. After all, how else will you lean how a specific sales or marketing campaign is performing? There are several factors which must be examined on a regular basis. These include: 

  • The number of inbound website hits.
  • Which pages or products are the most popular.
  • Recent sales history
  • Where your clients are located and how much the average customer spends

Although small businesses may be able to determine these variables with relative ease, it will become more difficult as your client base continues to grow. This is why open-source applications such as Google Analytics will come in handy. You will be provided with clear and concise answers that can highlight the strengths of your business as well as any potential weaknesses. 

Another worthwhile suggestion is to examine the wealth of e-commerce platforms at your disposal. Although many web hosts such as WordPress and WooCommerce offer basic options, the fact of the matter is that these are not often associated with a great deal of flexibility. It is always wise to choose a bundle which can be manipulated and upgraded with ease when necessary. Not only will this provide you with a greater level of efficiency, but the end-user experience can be positively enhanced. Thus, customers are more likely to engage with your website in the future. A loyal client is worth ten times as much as a visitor who makes a one-off purchase, so always be aware of the power associated with modern e-commerce architecture

Mistakes can and will be made on occasion when starting an online business. The key is not to negate them entirely, but rather to recognise their significance and to learn from such situations.

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