Americans are more stressed about their financial security and financial futures than ever before.

According to a recent CreditWise and Capital One survey, over 73% of Americans are constantly stressed about their finances.

Worrying about money was the number stress factor in the lives of most Americans. And worrying about politics, work, and family came in at second, third, and fourth place respectively.

It is not my place to ask you what you worry about the most in life.

However, if you are like me, then money is probably your number one worry in life. Still, there are so many ways that you can hustle to try to make a few more dollars.

Look around your house. There may be a few items in it right now that you can sell for some cold hard cash.

Vintage Glass Thermometer

If there is any defining image of the coronavirus pandemic era of 2020, it’s the image of thermal thermometers being pointed at people’s heads to take their temperature.

In the 21st century, thermal and digital thermometers are basically the norm now.

However, if you are over the age of 25, then you certainly remember old-school glass thermometers.

Old school 20th-century glass thermometers are enclosed vacuum vials that are filled with a little mercury. The glass thermometer is placed under the tongue and the mercury within reacts to body heat and expands in the vial. As the mercury expands, a temperature reading can be gauged.

In the 21st century, certain old-school glass thermometers are extremely coveted on the collector’s item market. Certain brands like BD, Faichney, and Pymm are more popular with collectors than others.

You may be able to command $30 or more on the collector’s market.

Old School Swing-A-Way Can Manual Openers

Swing-A-Way is a brand of manual can openers that were extremely popular in the mid-20th century.

Swing-A-Way can openers resemble an iron clamping device and feature rubber-coated handles for better grip during operation. These types of can openers are still being manufactured however electronic can openers are now much more popular.

Swing-A-Way can openers that were manufactured in the 1960s and 1970s feature a variety of bright rubber handle covers. And Swing-A-Way can openers are plainly marked with the phrase “Made in USA.”

Believe it or not, Swing-A-Way can openers are coveted collector’s items. These old-school can openers are manufactured to last a lifetime and are well constructed.

If you own an old-school model Swing-A-Way can opener, then you may be able to sell it on an auction site for $25 or more.

Box Cutters

There is a collector’s item market for vintage box cutters for some reason.

Keep in mind that these are old school, 20th century, rare, and vintage box cutters that are in demand, not the new box cutters you just bought from Target.

The brand of the box cutter matters as well. Stanley Tools box cutters models 199 and 299 are extremely popular with collector’s items.

If you have such vintage box cutters in good or perfect condition in your home, you could be able to command $36 or more.

Just remember that such items should be rare and in good working condition before you mentally start counting the money you don’t have yet.

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