You’ve always had a keen interest in finance. Personal finance, the stock market, all of it. You’ve built up a little stockpile of knowledge and now you want to share it with the world. How about through a blog? You already enjoy finance, so it will be fun, and you have heard you might be able to make some money from it.

Well it’s true it is possible to make money from blogging, on practically any subject, but there’s a lot of work involved making that happen. Here are a few tips to make your blog more profitable, while still having a good time.

A Good Start

A strong blog needs a strong name, so sit down and find the most awesome name you possibly can and don’t go any further until you do. Not really. Just like bands who spend their time choosing a name rather than practicing, you’ll never make the big time unless you actually start. So spend a couple of hours, or less, make a list of domain names that are short, easy to remember, easy to spell, and related to your particular topic. Go through them a few times to weed out the dull, the difficult, and the dumb. Then pick one from what’s left.

Sign up for your chosen domain name, pick a web hosting service (with good customer service, high ratings, and inexpensive), install WordPress (because it’s the one everyone uses for a good reason), and pick a framework and template (don’t be afraid of a premium one, they are worth the minimal extra cost). That’s all you need to have a blog. Well, except for content.

Keep It Real

Write some awesome content. Okay, sure, you want something a little more specific. Really awesome content! Seriously, you want to talk about things that your readers can apply. Solve common problems, answer questions everyone asks, give useful, actionable advice. Keep close to your topic at first. Dig deep rather than going wide. Stay focused on that topic and explore lots of aspects of it. Find your voice, the way you write each post should be in a familiar style, recognizably you. Readers connect with the people who write blogs, not the blogs themselves. Your personality should come through and allow your readers to connect with you.

Show Me the Funny

Your chosen topic should be something you enjoy and can talk a lot about. A passion. It doesn’t need to restrict you to a certain style though. Being funny about money can work. Readers enjoy different things from the blogs they read, but most enjoy humor. Tell stories of your life, where your personal finances had real problems. Use them as examples to talk about how the reader can avoid the problem or make it easier to deal with. Talk about successes as well. Things that went right and how they can do them as well. Share your experience, your knowledge, your insight, and your humor. Make coming to your blog a valuable experience.

Selling Your Wares

Everything so far has been how to have fun with your blog and share that fun with your readers. The trick to making all of this profitable is really in those previous steps. One thing you need for a profitable blog is a regular readership that comes back to visit frequently. That’s a metric that works to fuel any kind of advertising or sales you do on the site. If only two percent of the visitors will buy something sold or recommended in your blog, you only get two sales with a hundred readers. But you get twenty with a thousand. So, build up your readership to make this all work.

Here’s some specific strategies to convert visitors to purchasers.

  • Affiliate programs: Partner with companies you support and direct your readers to buy products from them. You will make a commission on each sale.
  • Offer services: Sell services through your site. Accounting, bookkeeping, financial advice, workshops, or whatever else you do.
  • Sell products: Make eBooks or other electronic format goods available to buy. These are ones you make and sell, not products from partners. Physical goods can work as well.
  • Sponsored content: Partner companies will pay to have articles on your site that talk about them. Reviews of products or services, comparisons of their items against competitors, or just mentions of how your readers can make use of them.
  • Restrained advertising: Click through ads or unique visitor ads on your page. Remember ads are not why your readers are there and keep them trimmed down. Avoid full page pop up ads and other distracting and intrusive styles.

Another road to profit is to build a following and sell the blog entirely to a partner company. Large financial firms buy smaller blogs as outlets for advertising and SEO. These purchases can be for a lot of money, it depends on the size of the readership and other factors. If you would be interested in selling your blog a key way to make it more valuable is to get more readers.

There are many other ways you can make a blog profitable. Many articles are out there that give details. But the central key to it all is having readers and you get readers by having fun and entertaining them. The better your blog is, the more people will keep reading it, and tell their friends about it. And having more readers goes straight to your bottom line. Wouldn’t that be fun?


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