So I wasn’t planning on blogging tonight because I really want people to go read my post from yesterday about raising the Social Security age; so if you haven’t read that one already, DO IT NOW! Pretty please. Thanks. I love you.

Handy Plaid Turkey

Whoever made this is way more talented than me

The plan was for the Social Security post to be a two-day blog, but then I started reading some other blogs tonight and they are so awesome I have to share. Before I send you off to read these other posts, I just want to let you know that I will be writing and probably recording a Thanksgiving song this weekend.

There is a serious lack of Thanksgiving music, so I’m going to fill the void. I’ve already written about half of it, and it’s funny enough that you shouldn’t have a full bladder when you listen to it. If you love me and/or puppies, you’ll share my Thanksgiving song with everyone you know. I’m gonna try to have it out sometime next week so GET EXCITED YOU TURKEYS!

Now I recommend you check out my internet friends:

  • Don’t Assume that Rich People Make/Made/Will Make Mistakes @ Richly Reasonable – I just found this blog and Lauren has a great conversational writing style. I feel like we are already best friends. Except I already have a best friend Lauren! Stop trying to steal me away from Nick!
  • Sneaky Pay Cut @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – Crystal is too smart for the system. They told her she got a raise, but she knows she actually got a pay cut. She’s too smart for that job and I’m sure she’ll find something else soon.
  • Massive 401k Roundup @ retireby40 – Joe and I don’t agree on a lot of stuff (for example, I love company stock in my 401k) but just in case I’m wrong, here’s how he feels about 401ks.
  • October Net Worth @ meinmillions – Holy crap! This babe is rocking her net worth. I’m so impressed when other people are doing so well, it makes me want to do better! Thanks for making me feel like a turd the motivation!

photo credit: patti haskins

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