Are you a broke college student wondering how to save money for your next academic endeavor? Money saving is a challenge, especially during student years. Sweet delicacies, tech gadgets, and top designer apparels are more important than stashing away bucks for future spending. If you are planning to save money, then you will have to avoid these temptations. Here are a few tips to learn how to practice frugality and spend money wisely to achieve your savings goals.

Set A Savings Target

With a defined saving target, you would be better able to spend money in well-informed ways and curb the urge for wishlist purchasing. It is good to have a limpid understanding of your overall expenses. Analyze your spending, see where you are divvying up, and look for areas where you can skimp. Factor in aspects like rent, utilities, food, clothing, transportation and healthcare expenses when reviewing spending and compare it to your income sources. Whether you are moonlighting as a radio jockey or using funds from your monthly expenses from child support sent by parents, you must check for the amount that you are earning and the spending pattern. Then set a saving target for yourself using a good money saving app

Cook Your Own Meals

A quick sortie into town for a Starbucks or pizza is highly tempting but can ball out your savings. Therefore, focus on preparing your meals at home and occasionally buy food from outside. Make your own breakfast before heading out to the college, set timers for meal prep tasks and plan your cooked meals using a nice scheduling app or a time management software.

Use discount Coupons For Dining & Shopping

It is a good idea to use special discount coupons when you go out with friends for dining. Choose places that offer two-for-one deals, customized meals on discount and slashed rates for groups. Look for diners that have special discount days and plan to go out dining on these days. Shop from online stores and clearance racks instead of expensive designer outlets. If you are shopping for a gift, choose affordable items; for example, a 3D printed bag or a customized family trip album from Konica Minolta instead of a costly diamond pendant for your mom.

Use The Local Library

Buying textbooks and searching for reference material require money and time. Use the local library offering free reads to grab books, research material and even informative movies to save up on precious bucks. These not only have encyclopedias and journal publications but also house most of the curriculum material and textbooks that you need in college. You can also benefit from discounted ticket rates for art galleries, expos, and museums from the local library.

Make Use Of Your Student ID

A student ID is an effective way to achieve your saving target. Whether it is a concert, a trade show, plays, community exhibition or a cool restaurant, you can easily avail discounts using your student identification card. Get Apple technology discounts, spa facilities and gym memberships on discounted rates using your student ID. When you go out shopping or in the market look for signs of ID discounts for students and always purchase from such outlets.



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