Shopping is an important part of any travel, so it is important to know of the best places one can splash the cash in. With companies such as RIA taking care of any problems related to money transfers, here are the 7 best places you can shop at in the world:


Dubai adeptly integrates the cultural richness of the Middle East with the extravagance of the west in all its coastal glory. With its beautiful coastline and phenomenal hotels complementing the unmatchable array of shopping options, both in the luxury and the simple domains, shopping gets no better than Dubai.


Once you have any potential problems with international money transfers solved, you can head off to Paris to enjoy the elegance and extravagance of Europe in one of its most iconic cities. Paris skillfully complements the high-quality of France with its unique culture to provide all shoppers with dynamic and breath-taking experience. Paris has, for long, been the portal to Europe’s unique and dynamic world, and does not seize to amaze in its brilliant shopping options. From small souvenir shops to the most exclusive of designers, Paris has it all.


As the financial hub of the world, London should give you no problems with money transfers and will provide you with the most comprehensive and wholesome experience you can have while shopping. With places in the north selling unique cultural goods and downtown London hosting an array of phenomenal designers, London is a must-go for international shopping.

New York City

New York has, for long, held the title for the hub of the world regarding culture, experiences, and most importantly, shopping. Whether you are one for the extravagance and buzz of Times Square or if you would rather enjoy buying souvenirs from small coffee shops, New York is perfectly tailored to the demands for all shoppers and will never disappoint. Be careful, though; New York can get very expensive.


Tokyo is a breath of fresh air because it gives you access to the largely unexplored yet equally amazing culture and shopping experience of East Asia. While it does not fail to host the entire shebang regarding renowned designers and popular brands, it infuses with them a thriving East Asian culture. Rest assured, shopping experiences in Tokyo will be unforgettable.


Sydney takes you down under in all its Australian coastline glory. Sydney, like Tokyo, is also largely unexplored but provides its visitors with a phenomenal shopping experience that is unparalleled in the entire world. From boasting the uniqueness of its cultural heritage to hosting some of the most iconic brands and designers in the world, Sydney is a breath of fresh air in a world of London and New York


Last, but not the least, is Rome. Italy’s capital has must to attract beyond its rich cultural heritage and amazing food. Rome is an embodiment of Italy’s love for high-quality dressing and amazing designer-wear, so it is ideal for those looking for a place of luxury and class. Rome is expensive but worth it, and it is highly recommended that you visit the city at least once, especially if you are a serial shopping.

In general, all of the cities listed here provide amazing and unparalleled shopping experiences. None of them seize to capture the heart of its visitors, and all of them, in their respective rights, are the best places to shop in, in the entire world. Happy Shopping!


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