As digital continues to grow and develop, content creation and marketing is becoming ever more apparent in the lives of many. Blogging is a popular past time, and a simple search for questions around trends and recommendations will likely lead the user to the blog of an individual or business who has reviewed the product or service in question.

Finance is no different, with Google Trends showing that are an increasing number of searches around financial comparison queries, such as ‘compare credit cards’, in the UK over the past 5 years. As such, and given its prominence and popularity, we’ve reviewed five of the top personal finance bloggers, who are worth following this year.

  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich

One of the most popular blogs available that covers everything you need to know about personal finance, and ways to manage your money is ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’. The blog was started by Ramit Sethi, and it has been a great success. Furthermore, Mr. Sethi has also released a book that shares the same title, which has in fact gone on to be a New York Times’ best seller. The blog itself covers some topics that are not commonplace on the internet, such as dealing with credit card debt – a subject that will pull on the heart strings of a good chunk of its readership. It is a very active blog with regular posts and social engagement, most days. 

  • The Coinbase Blog

When it comes to information on Forex trading and cryptocurrency, then the Coinbase blog is up there with the very best sources of information on the web. It covers ground-breaking, and up-to-date stories that are at the forefront of Bitcoin trading, in particular. A step-by-step guide on buying, selling and investing in the fluctuating currency is prominent on the blog, as are details around other currency exchange transactions and trading opportunities. Forex, and Bitcoin in particular, are complex fields, so this blog provides content with a depth of knowledge – perfect for those who are looking to move down the trading path. The recent post on ‘Helping you manage, grow, and stay informed about your crypto holdings’ appears to have had a high traffic count, and engagement also looks excellent.

  • Nerd Wallet 

Another popular long standing personal finance blog worth following, is Nerd Wallet. The blog covers a number of topics, focusing mainly on credit cards, and the best ways to improve your credit score. It can also be used as a tool to find the best cards on the market, and services that each lender is able to provide. Nerd Wallet also updates with regular content each week, including recent articles such as, ‘The top 10 credit card deals of 2019’. Whilst on the blog, you can also find a host of information on a number of topics covering banking, investing, mortgages, loans, insurance and travel.

  • Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly started in 2006 and has continued to grow and increase in popularity. Covering a number of topics around investment, money management, money saving tips and being frugal, it has proven to be one of the most sought after resource bases on the web. It’s core content structure centres around helping people to reach their financial goals, and is another to provide regular content each week. With over 63,000 follows on Twitter, they also have a high social engagement rate. Get Rich Slowly also provides an extensive list of the best travel cards that are available across the market.

  • Money Crashers

The final blog to make this select list, is Money Crashers, which focuses on personal finance and helping individuals make the best decisions when it comes to their hard-earned cash. The blog itself covers topics around, not only investing but debt, insurance and credit. Examples of some popular recent content, include an article on, ’11 ways retirement has changed over the last 25 years’. Another is the ’10 best stock market investment news, analysis and research sites’. Both articles have been go-to resources for the site’s readership, as Money Crashers continue to set the standard when it comes to well-researched, thorough, and informative content on its niche area of interest.

Finance related queries and searches continue to increase, but the content to match those queries, and give an informative and well-researched response appears to be growing too. These are just 5 of the best blogs available in this niche – 5 in what is a haystack of reviews and suggestions that are becoming ever more prevalent in today’s digital world.

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