Investing has become quite a trending topic amongst people of all age groups. However, a major problem that every person comes across is that no particular platform gives you a comprehensive idea of what you have to deal with. You would either have to read loads of books or take an informal course on the same. These sound alright, but it does take up too much time.

To help you with that, TechX has come up with an application called Arya which will help you get a better understanding of the concept through bite-sized videos before you step into investing.

The interface makes it easier 

The interface resembles that of any social media application. As a result, it will not be too difficult for you to navigate your way from one page to another.

While you log in, they will only need the basic information like email address, mobile number, first name, last name, and the unique password for this application. They also give you the alternative of logging in with your Google account.

You will find most of the operative switches in the lower portion of the interface, while the top only features three buttons. These three buttons give you access to messaging, searching the app, and the menu.

From left to right, at the bottom, you have:

  • The home button 

This space is similar to the application of Facebook, where it lets you initiate a conversation by posting images, GIFs, or your thoughts with all the other users of the Arya app. Consequently, you also receive a lot of tips and information from your fellow traders.

  • The insights button

Here, you receive fluent trading ideas from the market experts that guide you a lot if you are considering investing seriously.

  • Create a post 

As you can understand, this is the button you press if you want to make a post.

  • Notifications 

It resembles a bell icon that includes all the updates for you.

  • Learn yourself 

In this section, you will be introduced to several trade coaches, each of who have made multiple videos to ease out investing for you.

Trading 2.0

As you hop into the menu, you will find an option called Trading 2.0, which is your getaway to investing. It features three options while choosing your broker:

  • Trading with Arya software
  • Brokers for trading in cryptocurrencies
  • Brokers for investing in stocks

Freemium or Premium?

While you can access most of the application without subscribing to the premium version, it does limit some of its very best features from you.

Buying the premium version of the app will cost you 4250 rupees each month. However, if you want to buy the subscription for an entire year, you would get a whopping 80% discount; that is to say, you will have to make a payment of 10,400 rupees for 12 months of service.

You receive access to:

  • Market ideas
  • Expert content
  • Breaking news on trading
  • Trading plans
  • Open trades
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Arya coins


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