We can’t argue that we’ve got more dogs in the world than cat people. And to be frank, we agree that we have more than cat movies, but it seems that cats are more dominant when it comes to Australian casinos slot games. Anyway, we have a few really fascinating details about dogs, considering all that, that we are sure would amaze you.

Newfoundland’s are the Best Breed of Dogs for Life Guards

If you ever wanted a dog lifeguard, then Newfoundland would be the best breed. This is because they have fur and webbed feet that are immune to water. They were preserved in the old days as fishermen’s helpers used to save people from drowning.

Dog’s Noses Are Wet to Protect them from the Different Chemical Scents

The explanation that your dog still gets a damp nose is not because your dog has a cough, because their wet nose helps them absorb odour chemicals click here if you want to see how to provide for your dogs. The nose of a dog will secrete a special mucus that will allow certain substances to be ingested. Therefore, it is so that they can sample them as they lick their nose.  Since their noses are always closer to the ground, this is one way they can get the protection that they need.

Only Dogs Can Hear A Beatles Song Frequency

We are not sure whether it was for the love of dogs or it was scientific experiment, but the Beatles album “A day in the Life” has a frequency that only dogs can detect. Having said that, you can play the song and watch your dog respond.

No One Ever Mentioned the Dogs That Survived The Titanic

There are three puppies who survived the Titanic’s sinking. In the first class, dogs were allowed only one Pomeranian puppy escaped as the owner was bundled in a blanket and everybody assumed it was a boy. The other two dogs who were both adopted were a Pomeranian and a Pekingese.

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