I have one word on how to get cheap appliances, specifically your washer and dryer set. Craigslist.

I purchased my current washer and dryer set for $28.33. I was living with two roommates and we bought our set off Craigslist from a couple who bought new appliances and just wanted to get rid of the old one. The total cost was $85, split between the three of us.

When the roommates moved out (side note: one of the roommates was The Hoff), the washer and dryer stayed with me. And despite a little bit of leaking every now and then from the washer, I’ve had a perfectly good washer/dryer set for almost 4 years.

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Last night I did a load of laundry (actually Tag did it) and by the end of the first rinse cycle I basically had to swim through all the leaked water to get back into the laundry room. My washer was leaking about a gallon of water per load.

At this point I had a few options

  • Buy a brand new washer for $220 or more
  • Pay a repair man who knows how much money to fix my $28 washer
  • Attempt to fix the washer myself
  • Buy a used washer from someone on Craigslist for around $50

If you know me at all, you know what I did.

Trying to Fix My Washer

So here’s the deal. My washer is already broken. If I try to fix it and fail, it’s still broken. If I try to fix it and succeed, I don’t have to spend any money on a new one. I can’t lose. The fact that I’ve never even considered what the inside of a washer might look like before now is completely irrelevant.

So after a few Google Searches and YouTube videos, I at least figured out how to take the washer apart.

washer repair

Now I just had to figure out where the water was leaking from and then figure out a way to fix it. I’ll spare you the details, but I think I figured out the problem and at the same time broke something which may have actually fixed the problem.

I did a load this morning and there wasn’t a drop of water on the floor. BOOYAH!

Why I Love Used Appliances

  • Cheap used appliances can last for years without needing repair
  • It is easy to get someone locally like appliance repair in plano to fix your old appliances.
  • When used appliances are broken, you may as well try to fix it. It’s kinda fun. Plus, I’d never pull apart a $500 washer for fear of messing it up more.
  • If used appliances are broken beyond repair then just buy more used appliances, which is still way cheaper than a set of new ones.
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