take charge of your careerIn 2013, millions of Target customers instantly became the victims of identity theft when the retailer’s merchant credit system was hacked successfully. North Korea hacked into Sony’s networks in 2014 and made a mess of the company’s data and emails. In 2015, Chinese cyber thieves hacked into the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management servers and stole millions of federal worker Social Security numbers and identifying information. If the federal government cannot secure its workers’ identities, what makes you think your Internet Service Provider can secure yours?

It Can’t…

In fact, it is likely to sell your personal information to the highest bidder, but that’s a different topic. Cyber crime is this discussion and it remains on the rise despite information technology’s best efforts to curtail it. There are people out there, some of which are directed by their respective governments, who make it their life to hack into networks to steal identities and wreak corporate and political havoc.

You Must Protect Your Identity to Protect Your Finances

If you become the victim of cyber theft, particularly identity theft, it could destroy your personal and business finances. According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft goes beyond stealing your money. People may open additional accounts under your name and accrue debt with these accounts. Suddenly, you not only owe money you didn’t spend, your credit score takes a hit, as well.

Today’s Economic World Is Online

In today’s economic climate, you and everyone else conducts nearly all financial transactions electronically. You also likely access your bank and credit accounts online. If your ISP is willing to collect and sell your data, and if there are cyber thieves out there attempting to hack into your accounts, how do you protect yourself? You use a VPN, which is a Virtual Private Network that locks down your Internet activity.

You need to read the VPN guide by VPNs ‘R Us. What is a VPN guide by vpnsrus.com? It’s detailed information about VPNs and how they protect you from identity theft. If the last few years show you anything, it’s that even the federal government can be hacked, and you should never take your Internet security for granted, especially if you like to surf the Web on public networks, such as those found at the local coffee shop.

Protect your personal and business finances by accessing the World Wide Web through a VPN. Learn more about this security measure by reading VPNs ‘R Us’ comprehensive and helpful guide.

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