Varalen Trading Corp, a provider of trading solutions for brokerage businesses, continues to actively expand. Company clients can expect two major updates: the addition of the latest trading platform cTrader and the improvement of mechanisms to combat technical arbitrage.

Head of VTC Christopher Varalen commented on the corporation’s successes: “We are pleased to present a new platform that has now been connected to our system! The integration of cTrader will allow us to attract new brokers as clients, who for various reasons do not want to work with Metatrader 4. The integration with the new platform is done in a way that embeds it into the structure of LPBUS and ensures a single centralized structure for all our trading platforms, including monitoring modules and a new system to combat technical arbitrage.”

The head of Varalen also discussed the development of technologies for managing trading instrument settings, which will help avoid various problems on trading platforms for brokers.

Everyone knows that the use of arbitrage systems to turn a profit is an issue of serious concern. Lately, Forex brokers have been actively fighting this practice, and Varalen Corp. is developing its own solutions to help clients solve these problems.

“The presence of a large number of liquidity providers in our aggregator significantly reduces the risk of encountering technical arbitrage. Nevertheless, many of our clients, particularly the smaller brokers, prefer to work with a limited number of providers. For them we have developed a system to combat the technical arbitrage of rogue traders,” explained VTC’s Technical Director Karen Smith.

According to Smith, this system will allow prices from all LPs to be checked for lag and non-market quotes before the order is executed with the broker’s chosen LP. Another opportunity that clients will have access to thanks to the implementation of the system is setting specific order execution policies for trading the news and at market open/close.

As noted at Varalen, this is just the start of the fight against technical arbitrage. Intensive work to create an entire complex of solutions to counteract arbitrage systems continues.


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