New car fever hits all of us from time to time. It manifests in a variety of ways, ranging from the vehicle that has served us faithfully for years breaking down to walking past that shiny new ride in the grocery store parking lot.

The challenge that the majority of us encounter (assuming the reader of this does not have a wealth of money trees growing in their backyard) is how can we afford the new ride? Perhaps you are strapped financially as is, or have a fear of loan rejection.

These are commonplace observations, and the goal of this article is to inform the reader on car maintenance, buying, and financing. Every detail on each of these 3 categories would fill a book, so lets cover them in a general, informative way.

The goal here is to provide the reader with a sense of comfort in knowing that options exist regardless of your current transportation and credit circumstances.

New Vehicle Fever

Attending an auto show, especially considering that many of them offer the visitors a test drive in their vehicle of choice, is certain to get the juices going for a new vehicle. They are under the lights, all shined up, and ready to drive off the showroom floor.

As of this writing, the 2019 class of autos and trucks are emerging. The 2018 models have been on showroom floors for a while now, and reviewed by all with a voice.

Take a look for yourself, it will not hurt. The newest innovations in the automotive industry are something to behold, as they continue to build safer and more efficient vehicles.

Keeping “Ole Reliable” Reliable on a Budget

Keeping your vehicle on the road, and in safe operating condition, can be a nightmare if certain steps are not taken. You have decided that a new vehicle is not feasible at this time, so here are some tips on keeping your auto on the road on a budget:

  1. Be proactive when a problem arises
  2. Use alternate forms of transportation
  3. Avoid short trips when practical (try walking!)
  4. Drive your vehicle gently
  5. Don’t carry unnecessary stuff in the trunk
  6. Keep tires inflated at proper psi

The nature of every vehicle, regardless of the manufacturer, is that at some time a breakage will occur. Some of these occurrences will cost more than what you have saved up for a “rainy day”.

A Lending Hand

Each of the previous scenarios require money. Some, more than others. How to come up with the necessary capital to fulfill the needs of whatever situation your transportation needs present can be stressful.

Thankfully, it does not have to be difficult. Regardless if you are looking to purchase a new vehicle or repair your existing one, loanable funds can be acquired.

Credit brokers do not receive the attention they should. This is an avenue that many should consider when the circumstances arise for funds that are not readily available, be it a planned purchase or unexpected costs.

Credit brokers provide their customers with a variety of lending options and requirements. The loan types that are offered through credit brokers range from car finance, short term, bad credit, and bridging.

In closing, it’s not the matter of if a situation will arise with your automobile that will require funds. It’s a matter of when.

When these circumstances occur in your life, don’t panic. Help is available to get you back on the road.

If you have a yearning for a new ride, and are not sure if a loan is available to fit your needs, credit brokers are here to help.


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