Perhaps you’re one of those who are still confused with the difference between a home appliance warranty and a home appliance insurance. 

As I’ve said, you are not alone. So, there’s no need to worry.

But, that doesn’t mean you don’t inquire about their difference. If you remain uninformed about this, you can be in big financial trouble. 

Worst, you’ll end up being unnecessarily wary on the offers you avail. 

Fortunately, that won’t happen to you today because I’ll be answering the question: what is a home appliance insurance here (including the best home appliance insurance offer).

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down the page for more information…

What is Home Appliance Insurance?

A home appliance insurance works like the home warranty in many aspects. Its only difference is the length of time. 

You’ll probably get an appliance insurance the moment you buy an appliance. 

I am Planning to Avail One: Is a Home Appliance Offer Expensive?

A home appliance offer can definitely be expensive. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t secure a cheaper one. 

You’ll just have to be aware about several factors affecting this:

  • Rate of the appliance
  • Length or duration of the insurance coverage (the longer, the cheaper)

To say it roughly, the home insurance works like an lengthened version of a home warranty deal. 

That is because it is designed to cover the unpredictable or unnatural damage that might occur on your appliances. 

These damages include:

  • Tearing
  • Power Surges
  • Humidity problems
  • Other sudden malfunctioning
  • Etc.

Quick Note: The home appliance insurance is only focused on one appliance. And one appliance insurance cost can reach from $150-200.

Imagine, covering 15 of your home appliances at home with insurance.

Good News: The home warranty offer can begin with a meager $350 and that already covers at least more than half of your home appliances. Thus, it’s a cheaper-by-the-dozen warranty strategy.

Home Warranty or Home Appliance Insurance: Which is Better?

The home warranty and home appliance insurance have always been pitted together as to which is better.This time, I will set the record straight by bulleting down their differences (including their implied pros and cons).

Check them out here…

Home Appliance Insurance Facts:

  • The rate of the offer is dependent on its duration and the appliance cost.
  • The offer covers small functionalities of the appliance, unpredictable problems, sudden cause of malfunctions/depreciation.
  • The offer only covers individual appliances. 

Home Warranty Plan Facts:

  • The offer consists of diverse coverages for all appliances in the home.
  • It’s more of a cheaper-by-the-dozen strategy. 
  • The rate of the offer is dependent on how much appliances are to be covered. 
  • The offer protects appliances from their intended deterioration (including typical, predicted damage).

Quick Note: If you’re looking for the home insurance offers that possess these stated features to the tee, I recommend you go for the American Home Shield (AHS) company. 

So, That’s About It!

I hope you’re no longer confused between home insurance and home warranty. Both have their individual pluses and cons. 

The first step to a successful home insurance use is to answer the question: what is a home appliance insurance?

But, what truly matters is your decision. At the end of the day, you are the one to determine which offer works for you!

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