Managing personal finances for a really long time is something that many of us do so when ti comes to managing business finances it is common to think that everything is going to be very easy. According to Tetra Financial, most of the people believe that finance is always the same so they move on towards business financing without proper experience.

Experts highlight that a really big learning curve for the entrepreneur is to learn differences between personal and business finances, together with how they should be accordingly managed. Learning all that you can about the differences between business financing and personal financing will help you to make a really good choice in the future.

Advice To Consider

Business owners keep learning differences between personal finance and business finance so all the advice that is presented as extra below is going to be very important. Everything is basically all about how the two can be differentiated. Consider the following:

  • Keep absolutely all checking accounts separate so that you do not end up with record-keeping problems as the year comes to a close.
  • Use special business credit cards instead of personal credit cards.
  • Establish S Corp or LLC to make business completely separate and gain very important protection for all the personal assets. Review the LLC and S corporation differences to determine which is the best fit and stay protected financially.
  • Use business accounts in order to file for better taxes. Through them you can obtain many legitimate tax deductions.


Leverage is one of the huge differences between the two, together with using various techniques like multiplying gains or borrowing money. A downside is that the losses are going to also be multiplied. Personal finances never actually use leverage. That would lead to really huge devastating losses. People can easily lose a house or a car.

In business there are various situations that imply the use of leverage can be a great financial decision. Most of the businesses are going to eventually use leverage in order to increase profit margins and businesses. For instance, as money is borrowed, the investment can become smaller for the business so risks are reduced.


With personal finance we do not have many things that should be mastered. As we look at business financing it is a lot more difficult to handle all the information that is necessary in order to make the very best possible choices. You have to be sure that you are going to have the strong economic knowledge that would lead towards making the very best possible choices.

Working Capital

Whenever talking with small businesses, working capital is really important as it will enable the business owner to expand and grow in various different ways that are simply not possible with the personal options available on the market. As the enterprise continues to be built money is put back into economy as brand new business is done with different other companies.

The bottom line is that they both have to be separate. Never use business funds to deal with personal problems and the other way around, unless forced and as you respect laws.

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