You probably heard of e-cigarettes, or vapes – and you’ve probably already heard that they can simply explode and injure people very seriously. We’re not quite sure why this is happening, but there are some pieces of evidence that say it’s because of some issues of the battery that may cause the explosions.

We’ve written this article to show you some tips on how to avoid a vape battery explosion. It’s advisable to report a vape explosion to the FDA.

Use a vaping device that has safety features

Vent holes, firing button locks and protection against overcharging are such safety features.

Have loose batteries if you want to prevent the contact with metal objects

You should not let the batteries come in contact with keys, coins or other metals from your pocket.

Never charge your vape device with a tablet or a phone charger

You should, at all times, only use the charger that came with your vape device. Also, don’t let your vape device charge overnight. And don’t leave it unattended.

You should replace the batteries if they got wet or damaged

However, in the case that your device got wet and the batteries are not changeable, you should get in touch with the manufacturer.

Is there something more that I can do?

It will take some time until the vapes and vape batteries come up to the safety standards, but until then, what you can do is know everything there’s to know about your device and also how to handle and charge the batteries properly.  

You need to read and fully understand the recommendations of the manufacturer on how to use and care for your device. It might happen that your vape did not come with instructions – in these cases, you should get in touch with the manufacturer and ask them all the questions you have – they will make sure you got everything right.

Try not to remove or disable any safety features, such as vent holes or fire button locks, as they’re made to prevent explosions and battery overheating. You should always use only the batteries that are recommended for your device. Don’t try to mix different brands of batteries, or use different charge levels, or even use some old batteries with some new batteries in the device. It’s really important you don’t start playing God with batteries for your vaping devices.

Also, your vape should be charged on a clean and flat surface, in a place that’s away from anything that could easily catch fire. It should be placed somewhere you can easily see it – not a pillow and not a couch – places where it’s highly to overhead or gets turned on by accident. Also, your vape should stay away from extreme temperatures – don’t leave it in direct sunlight and don’t forget it in your car  – especially if we’re talking about a freezing cold night.

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