The Meta Trader 4 platform is very easily accessible and approachable. The beginners can even set up a trading profile and follow the entire process right from installation. However, there are a few things that a beginner needs to experience on the subject.

Few Key Facts about MT4 and Its Functionalities

You may use a trading platform like MetaTrader 4 while exploring Binary Trading Options. It’s also useful in utilizing Expert Advisors and other tools apart from analyzing the Forex market. The website of the MT4 inventor enables a user to download MT4. You may even download it while accessing the sites of other trading brokers. It’s also much easier to install, follows a few default instructions and shows the trader through an instant prompt for opening a demo trading account. The users can make the most of it without spending any money.

The MT4 is your default Forex trading platform. You may even utilize it for meeting some extra software installation requirements besides exploring Binary Options. Several currency pairs are visible in 4 chart windows depicted by default MT4. MT4 helps you in implementing automated trading techniques apart from placing and managing trades while trading with MT4 platform you’ll even learn how to analyze pricing of an asset by utilizing resources and tools.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the most sought after method of analyzing the trading market. It helps in suggesting the future activities of the chart depending on the indicators, tools, and tables. Traders are bound to consider multiple chart analysis tools and variables due to the presence of numerous trading strategies.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is an exploration of factors that leave an impact on the price of the asset as well as the market. The ultimate objective of such a study is to project a volume that’s comparable with the latest pricing. An investor opting for the Binary and Forex Options doesn’t use this method very frequently.

Time Slots

The MT4 Trading platform enables a user to choose various time frames. All you need to do is to select an icon called “Periods” and pick different time slots, e.g., H1 for one hour, M5 for five minutes, M1 for one minute. Most traders keep an eye on the time-frames for checking the trends.


Indicators are the vital stats that help in tracking the movements within the forex market. A trader needs to use both technical and economic indicators depending on the trading circumstances. These indicators assist a trader in comparing various prices over a specific period. Thus it helps in identifying the speed with which the price moves. The indicators mostly take the latest closing price for comparison with its prior closing price.

Connectivity Status

The MT4 platform has a connectivity status bar that depicts the online connection for achieving updates on the forex market. Check if the trade signal is green before you begin trading and ensure that the trading information and settings are accurate.

Drawing Tools

A trader utilizes various drawing tools for enhancing his chart analysis. Charts can accommodate Fibonacci Retracements, trend lines as well as horizontal or vertical lines. There’s an individual icon associated with every tool that shows up in the toolbar.


A strategy is a protocol that helps you achieve the trading objectives and determine the most convenient trading time to put your thoughts into action. A plan enables you to identify the trade triggers, set trade filters and utilize indicators. You’ll come to know of the appropriate action that you need to undertake from the trade triggers. Likewise, the trading conditions will be set up by the trade filters.

For those of that are entering the trading market for the first time, the MT4 is the right place to begin. Demo trading accounts are worth trying during the initial phase, but the MT4 is a real trading account that gives you a head start.

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