There are many tricks to make an online store successful. You probably already know a few of them, like using a good web design that is easy on the eyes, building up a shopping cart that works, or using social media to reach more customers.

But that’s not all there is to it, and you can still do more. The idea is not about getting more customers, but about making the ones you already have come back for more so that they will spend more money on your products.

Keep Them Informed

People love talking, and they love to talk about the things they like. If they are clients of your store, they like what you have to offer, so you should let them know everything about your product so that they can talk about it as much as they want. Build a blog for your store, and write regular posts about upcoming sales, forthcoming seasons, and special events. Give them guides and reviews of the products they can or have already bought. There are many things you can do on a store blog. If you set up an ask questions option, you will be able to tell your customers exactly what they need to know as if they were right in front of you. This kind of personalized customer service will make them stick around and spend a lot more.

Sell up to the Last Item

A shop is all about selling, and you shouldn’t feel any hesitation about it. When seasons change, or new products become available, you can find yourself with old items that are going to collect dust in your storage forever. Instead of returning them, or just counting them as a loss, if you see that a regular sale is not enough to push these items toward your customers; inventory liquidation can be a good option for you. There are whole websites that already focus on this kind of sale, but you want to keep as many benefits for yourself as possible. Having a section of your store where you set up liquidation of old or out of season items at discounts you don’t usually offer, will have your customers checking regularly, and buying things they may not otherwise because of the lower prices. You won’t be making as much profit, but you will still earn some money, and cut loses due to a lack of sales.

Have a Contest Page

You are possibly wondering what a contest has to do with selling more. Well, it’s pretty easy in fact. People love getting things for free, and they love games and contests as well. You can give them all of it, and still make a profit. That way everyone is happy. For example, you could try lottery games where every purchase gives your customer a chance to win something, or encourage them to participate in “Best Of” contests related to your product, where they submit pictures, ideas on how to use your items, recipes, and tricks. The competitive angle will make them try again and again, and buy more. At the same time, they’ll have some healthy fun, making it a win-win situation.

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