Cars are the one thing that we cannot live without, we mean once you get your set of wheels it’s hard to go back to the life where you have to walking again rather play leroi johnny casino en ligne games to win cash prizes  and that will give you an insurance that you will never lose your car. The only place that you want to walk to is to the driveways, inside your house and in stores. But when it comes to actually travelling you want your car to be next to you. Which then leads us to ask what is this thing about cars that we seem to never be able to let go off?

Why can’t we let our first car go?

Sentimental Value

Firstly, the main reason why so many people are unable to let their first cars go is because they have sentimental value. It is the car that they may dreamed of their whole life and even though it’s now old and worn out, it’s hard to simply sell it and get a new one. Because as much as you do know that the car is old, in your head you think that you will never be able to find another car like the one that you had. 


Another thing that makes it hard for us to be able to let our first go is the memories that you have with eth car. It may be the car that you first drove on your wedding day, graduation or any other special occasion, as such letting all that go seems a little bit too hard. Such that you may be able to buy a new car, several new cars infact, but that first car will always shave its special place in your garage. It’ s  also the very same reason why some best casinos online players will literally stick to playing one online casino game their whole life. because the game has memories that they do not want to let go off.

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