70% of Americans are on one or more prescription drugs, with pain pills being among the more commonly prescribed medication.

Nevertheless, science has revealed the downside of taking synthetic drugs, with the side effects being more severe in patients with chronic ailments.

With this in mind, more thought and research is being put into natural pain medications with mild to no effects on patients. CBD oil is one such option.

However, even as more and more people are looking into CBD oil to relieve pain, there is still a level of stigma and misconception surrounding its use.

This article shall explore CBD, what it is, and why you should consider taking CBD oil for pain management.

1. CBD Oil Is Different From Marijuana

The link between CBD oil and marijuana is one that makes most people reluctant to try it for pain.

CBD is one of the 120 compounds called cannabinoids. These chemicals are found in many plants, but cannabis is the most common of them.

CBD, unlike other cannabinoids, like THC, does not deliver a psychoactive effect or the euphoric “high’’. This is because it affects different receptors from those triggered by other cannabinoids.

Instead of producing a high or altering a person’s state of mind, CBD encourages the body to use its own endocannabinoids much more effectively.

CBD also stops the body from absorbing anandamide, increasing its concentration in the bloodstream. Higher levels of anandamide reduces the perception of pain.

2. It’s a Natural Pain Reliever

While many people are becoming conscious of alternative forms of therapy such as yoga to relieve pain, prescription drugs are pretty popular for chronic pain management.

CBD oil is a natural alternative that delivers the same results as synthetic drugs only without the side effects.

3. It’s Legal

Cannabis for medical use is legal in many states. Others have approved the use of CBD oil as a hemp product, but have disallowed general use of marijuana for medical purposes.

4. It’s Safer

With more research and legalization of CBD oil use, the product is getting more regulated to ensure the end user gets safer, better quality final products.

Legalization has also made CBD oil more accessible from reputable dealers and healthcare professionals.

This also ensures that patients receive good quality CBD Oil, and in reliable dosages. Follow this link if you want to learn more about dosage.

5. Better for Long Term Use

When you suffer aches and pains, the first go –to is NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen.

These are relatively safe and easily accessible. However, using these for chronic pain can negatively impact your health.

For one, long term use of NSAIDs in older adults has been found to increase the risk of acute renal failure, peptic ulcers, and myocardial infarction.

Opiates, the other alternative, come with their own challenges. While they might effectively lessen pain, they are incredibly strong and can sedate the patient, interfering with their general quality of life.

Opiates also come with a risk of dependency. Most people assume that a doctor-prescribed drug cannot cause addiction.

This is largely untrue. The problem is so prevalent that one in three Americans know someone who is addicted to opioids.

In contrast, CBD oil does not cause addiction.

CBD Oil for Pain Management: Is It Right for You?

CBD oil is now known to cure several different types of pain. If you are unsure about the kinds of pain CBD oil can help with, this section is for you.

Joint Pain

This oil offers help to people suffering from joint pain, especially as a result of arthritis.

Other conditions, such as lupus affect the immune system, which can result in achy joints. These autoimmune disorders are created when the immune system attacks and destroys the wrong cells.

CBD acts as an immune suppressor, reducing or eliminating undesired immune responses.

Back Pain

Back pain is not only a common problem the world over, but it’s also one of the leading causes of disability.

A back injury can cause immobility, stiffness, and debilitating nerve pain and damage. The back is central to most life functions. As such, a back problem can severely affect one’s ability to function and take part in typical life activities.

Most often, back pain is treated with opiates, which as we had seen earlier have some undesirable side effects, including creating dependency.

With its pain reducing and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can manage back pain, without the adverse side effects patients get from opiates.

Muscle Spasms and Pain

For people suffering from conditions like epilepsy and sclerosis, pain and spasms are part of their everyday lives.

CBD has shown promising outcomes in treating these conditions with patients seeing fewer spasms and lower pain levels.

Improves Skin Conditions

People with uncomfortable and painful skin conditions like eczema can benefit from CBD oil. The oil can pacify bacterial colonization of the skin and soothes inflammation and irritation.

CBD also has the ability to reduce sebum production. This, coupled with its anti-inflammatory compounds can reduce acne.

The oil also contains vitamin E, which enriches and protects the skin

Can Alleviate Cancer-Related Symptoms

CBD can be used to combat symptoms related to cancer and its treatment, like pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Though there are certain drugs used specifically for this, CBD oil can be a suitable alternative.

CBD for Dental Pain

Anyone that has had a toothache can speak to the pain and extreme discomfort that comes with it.

Cannabis compounds contain bone stimulating properties and anti-inflammatory compounds that make it an ideal treatment for tooth and gum diseases.

CBD is also used for periodontal therapy, which can prevent future dental problems.

Preventative Health

There you have it on CBD oil for pain management. However, as with any other medication, be sure to discuss your intent to start on CBD oil with your doctor.

A doctor is able to do an individual evaluation of your general health as well as other medications you are on. They can also advise you on dosages and make recommendations on where to get good quality CBD oil.

Aside from curative medicines, preventative measures are one way to increase your chances of enjoying good health over the years.

One affordable way to do this is by minding what you eat. Check out this article for tips on growing your own kitchen garden.

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