When a friend makes an extraordinary life decision, you may struggle to find your place in the order of things as they approach their new life. 

A situation that might resonate particularly strongly in line with this is your friend enlisting with the US military. Understandably, you may be more concerned by their decision than impressed at first. Will they be okay in their service? Have they thought this decision through? Did they always strike you as a hero, or someone who was always a day late and a dollar short? 

These questions may flitter through your mind at various points in their journey. Still, you must set them aside, and endeavor to help them personally. Here is how you can do that, and why.

Supporting Their Decision 

Try not to judge your friend for their decision, even if they do not seem the type of person to become a soldier overnight. 

Read popular stories about people who found their voice in the military, and you may open your mind slightly as to what it can all offer a person. Appreciate that it is a setting for change in a person, and a worthwhile opportunity.

Be a good listener also, as some of their family and friends may not be onboard with their decision. Do not doubt their capacity to succeed. Remember, if they change their mind about enlisting, they can always come home at any point during the grueling basic training drills. 

Introduce Helpful Services 

Understand that certain services can help support your army bound friend. Introduce your buddy to loans for veterans, as provided by Hero Loan. Do this and your friend will find it easier to secure or refinance a home in the USA. Mention that both veterans and their military families benefit here, with spousal support available also. Your input could help your friend approach their military aspirations with greater vigor. 

Recognize that your help has limits and introduce your friend to tailored services that fill in your gaps of expertise. Sit and read through the materials with them if necessary. Provide your opinion if asked for it. Try to understand that unless you have been in the military yourself, you may not know what you are talking about in general. Defer your friends to the experts, and you can be certain they will handle the rest. 

Improve Your Fitness Together

See your friend’s military aspirations as a perfect opportunity to spend quality time together, and to gauge their level of commitment. Go to the gym together, or jog around your local neighborhood as a pair or group, should others wish to join you. Research the fitness requirements of the typical soldier also, and how many pushups they may need to perform in relation to their age and ability. Accompany them as they start to build the blocks they need to succeed. 

Do this and you may find supporting them easier also. Train together and assess their determination at the same time. Oversee stopwatch usage and be willing to time your friend as they try to beat their own personal records in exercises. Anticipate being a real fitness partner here, and your support will be greatly valued.   

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