Looking for affordable gifts? Look no further than this list.

  1. A Personalised Chopping Board: A personalised chopping board to cut on makes the perfect low budget gift for any occasion.
  2. A Personalised Engraved Shot Glass: This makes the perfect birthday gift for a birthday boy or girl who’s going out drinking.
  3. Personalised Is It My Birthday Yet Book: This is an adorable gift for young children and a hilarious gift for adults.
  4. Bath Bombs: Bath bombs come in a variety of different colours and scents and make bath time fun for everyone.
  5. Soaps: Find soaps that are made from all natural ingredients.
  6. Bubble Bars: Want bubble bath the natural way? Try bubble bars.
  7. Bath Oils: Bath oils will soften the skin and make whoever is bathing feel like they’re floating on a cloud.
  8. A Chocolate Gift Set: Who doesn’t love chocolate? A chocolate gift set is perfect for sweet toothed people.
  9. Personalised Mugs: Nothing says “I love you” like a mug that is personalised.
  10. Personalised Glasses: Personalised glasses make the perfect gift at formal events.
  11. Photo Frames: Everybody needs photo frames, but nobody ever buys them for themselves.
  12. Scented Candles: A scented candle is a foolproof gift that everyone will love.
  13. Books: Whether it be a thick novel or a coffee table book, books are the gift that will make your friends smarter.
  14. DVDs: If they’re not big readers, skip the books and get them a DVD instead.
  15. Video Games: If they have a console, buying them a new game is sure to make their day.
  16. A Phone Cover: Phone cover fashion changes like the seasons, so make sure your friends and family have the latest trends.
  17. Throw Pillows: Everybody loves throw pillows. They tie a room together and makes it feel grown up.
  18. Journals: There’s little more satisfying than the first entry in a new journal.
  19. Stationary: Well, what are they going to write with in the journal?
  20. Plants: A small cactus or a houseplant makes the perfect gift for people in your life who can keep things alive.
  21. Cutlery: Tea spoons and dessert forks disappear almost as often as socks, so giving your friends and family new cutlery will always be appreciated.
  22. Wine: Pick a good year and slap a ribbon on it. If you want to make the gift even better, combine it with chocolates.
  23. Personalised Cheese Platter: What’s better than owning a platter specifically for cheese? Having a personalised platter specifically for your cheese.
  24. Fondue Set: Nothing is more fun and more dangerous than having a fondue party. Be sure to only give this one to friends that aren’t likely to accidentally burn themselves.
  25. Fabric Napkins: Cloth napkins make a dinner party instantly feel ten times fancier than paper napkins, so they’re an essential.


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