$30 Trillion Will Pass From Baby Boomers to Generation Z Via Inheritance Money

Many people believe to truly appreciate its value and purchasing power, money should always be earned. When money is earned, it is easier to understand the value in saving and/or investing it. However, the ability of one generation to sustain and pass on a family fortune to another is a quality that defines said generations. Accordingly, the young Generation Z

Investing In Marijuana Could Be a Real Buzzkill

Although still illegal on the federal level, marijuana has become decriminalized on the city and municipal level in many areas. The advent of the entrepreneurial marijuana industry is a testament to this fact. About 31 American states and counting have legalized marijuana for recreational and/or medicinal use. The legal marijuana industry is set to make about $14 billion in profits in

How the Iran Regime Will Affect the Markets in 2019

Oil prices and the equity markets have been trading on the defensive since the beginning of October with many geopolitical issues generating price volatility. Issues related to the Iran regime have been generating chaos on both the oil and equity markets.  The US pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal in February of 2018, pushing oil prices up to $80

Affordable Vacation Spots in Surreal and Lesser Known Locales

There are many exciting, surreal, and awe-inspiring places that you can visit in the world – that are affordable, especially if you are working with the average $1,200-a-person budget. Here are some affordable vacation spots you might want to consider. Affordable Vacation Spots You Might Not Know About Over 30% of all travelers visit the exact some country, location, and

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Treat Yourself: Luxury Food You May Be Too Ashamed To Buy

Most people save about $40 a week by eating at home instead of eating out. If you sacrifice week after week this way, what’s wrong with splurging once a year on a luxury food item? You only live once, and you might be able to absorb the cost if you primarily eat at home. With that in mind, here is

Why Nearly Half of All Americans Pay Nothing in Federal Income Tax

When it comes to federal income tax, no one benefits as much as the taxman, no matter where you live. The Internal Revenue Service of the United States collected over $3.4 trillion in taxes in 2017. The only relatively minor silver lining to this fact is that the federal government handed out about $440 billion in refunds that same year.

Odd Tax Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Even though the collection of taxes has a purpose, it still doesn’t seem to make anyone feel better. (At least, it doesn’t make me feel any better.) However, recently I started looking up unorthodox tax collection methods and found some interesting stuff. My motto in life is that if you don’t laugh for a minute, you’ll just end up crying

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How to Cope With Forced Retirement: Tips for Moving Forward

Most people imagine retirement as a bittersweet, voluntary entry into elderly age, hobbies, and relaxation. Almost, just as it is depicted in TV, movies, and popular culture. If anything, retirement can be a stress inducing and difficult life transition. It can be difficult for retirees to suddenly switch from decades of working to a full-stop into doing a lot of

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Your Guide to Cryptocurrency and Why It Will Never Replace Money

Over a decade ago, no one had never even heard of cryptocurrency. Now there are over 2,400 cryptocurrencies and counting. Major governments and regulatory bodies are extremely concerned by the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. Even with the continuous decrease in value, many fear that cryptocurrencies may one day destabilize the current fiat currency global infrastructure. Or, even replace money as

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Tuesday Humor: Interest Free Checking

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