Can Undocumented Immigrants Open An IRA?

  We all know or are related to someone who may be an undocumented immigrant. Whatever your political stance, the topic of undocumented immigration has long been a hot button issue. The United States has a long history of immigration tied to its founding and commercial expansion. Yet, we all know how difficult life is for undocumented immigrants in this

How Long Do You Have to Wear Braces for Crooked Teeth

A smile is universally recognized in every language. A dental-brace bracketed smile is also universally recognized for what it is – a dental support system for crooked teeth. There is no shame in having crooked teeth. The only shame is that getting crooked teeth braces is very expensive. It can cost as mush as $10,000, or more, to get dental

How To Use $6 Black Gorilla Tape to Fix Minor Bumper Damage

Want to guesstimate whether your neighbor can afford their car? No, the model of the car doesn’t matter. You can be in deep debt and still fake the funk with a nice-looking car. Look for haphazard and unsightly do-it-yourself repair jobs. Growing up in New York City, I saw this all the time. I would see car windows hastily taped

What Are the Different Types of Wealth?

  Wealth is like a dream to working class people. And what do we do upon waking up from a dream? We forget. Make excuses. We settle. Hell, some of us win the lottery, spin around, and lose it all. That’s the problem. Wealth viewed as a goal. It’s a mindset and a life journey of which money is only

How Much Does $1 Million Weigh?

Did you know that most of the money in the world is intangible? Most of the money in the world exists only in digital ledgers and/or is created through interest and debt generation. Technically, there is about $80 trillion in the world. Only about $37 trillion is, “tangible,” in the form of coins and bills. If you count cryptocurrencies, derivatives,

How Do You Attract Money and Abundance?

I am still working on becoming financially independent, a phrase you may better understand as being, “rich.” One thing that I have learned is that time is a lot more valuable than money. You can spend a lifetime wishing to become rich instead of doing it. Worse, you can spend a lifetime mismanaging your time in a well-meaning but misguided

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