How To Record IRA Contributions in Quickbooks

Unlike a 401(k), you or your financial advisor is responsible for closely minding your IRA. A 401(k) is offered by an employer and you will have help from many sources to help manage it. You have to open an IRA at a bank or similar financial institution. And one way you can make the process of managing an IRA easier

How Many Hours Do Millionaires Work?

  Everyone wants to be a millionaire without truly appreciating what it takes to become one. More than "want," you need discipline, knowledge, hard work, and strategy to reach this status. Over 67 percent of millionaires are self-made successes and about 11 percent inherited their wealth. If you are wondering how many hours do millionaires work, it may be more

Can Undocumented Immigrants Open an IRA?

  The United States has a long history of immigration tied to its founding and commercial expansion. The Pilgrims were immigrants. Contrary to popular belief, the founding fathers of this country showed fealty to England for a long time because they considered themselves products of English immigration. George Washington considered himself English and even fought as a commissioned English officer

Millionaire Next Door Formula for Wealth Acquisition

Most people just want to be rich. It takes more than want. You must be a prodigious accumulator of wealth as opposed to being an under accumulator of wealth. There is even a formula that can help you assess your progress in accumulating wealth. It is a formula for wealth acquisition that was first developed in a book called The

How Much Interest Will I Earn on $1 Million?

How much money you have does not matter as much as what you do with it strategically and financially. The point is that context is everything. For example, if you had a million dollars, the general wisdom is to never touch the principal and just live off the interest. Is it that simple? How much interest will I earn on

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How to Interview When You Don’t Have Experience

  It's an old paradoxical adage that is also a rite of passage obstacle for young aspiring professionals - you can't get a job without work experience. But the only way to get the necessary work experience is to get a job. Whether you are applying for a part-time job, summer job, internship, or post-graduation job, most young people don't