This State Accidentally Issued Double Tax Refunds to 66,000 People

About 15 years ago, when I worked in academia, the payroll office accidentally double deposited my regular paycheck. For a reason that I still don’t understand to this day. I remember standing at the ATM, like a character in one of those bad independent films, trying to understand the meaning of it all. “What should I do?” I thought to

Phased Retirement Challenges You Should Be Aware Of

I have a friend who is being forced into phased retirement – which is kind of a slow-motion retirement. He has reduced working hours and pay. Although he may be able to draw a portion of his retirement funds early, he is quite depressed about it. For one thing, he feels he has more worth as an employee since he wasn’t fired or made to fully retire.

Broke Celebrities Who Have Squandered Their Fortunes

The amount of money you accumulate over a working lifetime, from youth to elderly age, is determined by your education level. If you only attain a high school diploma, you could make under a million dollars in a lifetime. Have an associate’s degree? Then you might earn $1.1 million. Get a bachelor’s degree or higher, and you may earn about

Everything You Need to Know About Order Flow Trading

The stock market trading game is not for the timid or cash strapped. Although you may be paying a few dollars, tens of dollars, or hundreds of dollars per share, you usually buy or sell hundreds or thousands of shares at a time. Most experts suggest that you spend at least $1,000. Don’t get me started on calculating weighted averages

Equity Multiple Real Estate: What You Need to Know Before Joining

I am saving money with the intent of investing in a commercial real estate project. Although I am very new to this process, I see the potential for success with the right business plan. Success in business requires preparation, luck, and grabbing the right opportunity when it comes along. Take the current state of commercial real estate in the United

Looking for a Small Cap Investing Blog? Here are 4

Investing is a long-term game of strategy, research, and seizing an opportunity at the right time. Or, buying low and selling high to profit. This is easier said than done, and while most people should consult a financial advisor or investment expert, most don’t. They either don’t know any or just can’t afford to do so. I have an investor