Shoring Up Gig Economy Prospects As COVID-19 Rages

I don’t need to tell you about COVID-19, the dangerous new viral strain of the coronavirus. It’s a pandemic contagion rapidly and exponentially spreading across the world. I must steel myself in preparation of the dire facts transmitted to me about the virus before I turn on the news. Many things about COVID-19 worries me, like how it’s rapidly, perhaps

How To Find An Income Restricted Apartment

In 1986, singer Gwen Guthrie sang, “Ain’t Nothing Going On But the Rent.” And in 2020, rent is still an expensive reality and it’s always going up. That is why many people apply for an income restricted apartment. The average cost of rent in the United States in February 2020 was $1,468. That is just the average. Rent prices vary

Payday Loans are for Suckers

Desperate people do desperate things. And, if you want to know how valuable money really is, try and borrow some. These are sayings that I always remind myself of when I come into financial trouble. And I was in a lot of financial trouble when I was in my 20s and 30s. Isn’t it odd how desperate people always seem

John Templeton’s 16 Investing Rules

Sir John Templeton was arguably one of the greatest investing experts of the 20th century. He innovated the concepts of international and contrarian investing that most people take for granted today. Templeton was one of the earliest advocates of value investing. When he sold his company, the Templeton Growth Fund in 1992, it was worth over $13 billion. So, if

I Can’t Wait to Get Dental Implants

OK. Wait. Maybe that didn’t come out right. I don’t mean that I can’t wait to get dental implants with the kind of anticipatory zeal that is reserved for going to Disneyland. What I am mean is that it’s obvious that one detriment to getting older is the inevitable loss of teeth. Unless you religiously maintain extraordinarily habitual oral hygiene

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What Type of Debts Remain After Bankruptcy?

Most people assume debts during the best times of their lives to later struggle, and unsuccessfully, try to pay them off during the most inopportune moments of their lives. There are many reasons why people find themselves figuratively drowning in a quagmire of debt entirely of their own making. Medical debts. Personal misfortune. Divorce. Massively underestimating one’s ability to pay

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