New Job Interview Hacks You Must Try

Did you know that almost 120 people will apply for the same job as you when you go to a job interview? Over 47% of people are rejected at job interviews because they know nothing about the potential job or employer and it shows during the interview. And 92% of potential employers will check all of your social media accounts

How to Get Rich With No Money — 5 Simple Tips

Just because you are not born with a silver spoon, it doesn't mean you can't get rich. You can become wealthy by using a few tips. Let's dive right in! Create a positive mindset The first tip, in my opinion, is to create a positive money mindset. Everyone has a money story, and it's up to you to figure out

Is it Better to Get Removable Partial Dentures for Long-Term Use?

I recently had two teeth removed, and one of them was a wisdom tooth. The other tooth I may have cracked myself by grinding my teeth in my sleep. So, I had one cracked tooth that felt like two teeth fighting in place. I am a freelance writer living in Manila, the Philippines, so I don’t have the same medical

5 Updated Tips for Acing Every Job Interview

It is always a good idea to refresh good interviewing tips when job hunting. Here are five updated job hunting tips that you must always remember. Arrive on Time Set your alarm earlier. Get out of bed and drink a jolt of coffee. Set your alarm to blast loud music. Do whatever you need to do to wake up early

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Elizabeth Olsen Net Worth

(Public domain image) Elizabeth Olsen took a long road to stardom. And until her early 20s, she lived in the shadows of her much more famous younger sisters the Olsen twins. But now Olsen is a household name and globally famous after starring as Wanda Maximoff in the MCU films and streaming shows as the character. And now

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Where to Get Cheap, Quality Dental Care in Mexico

I have been living abroad in the Philippines since 2017. And there is one thing I have learned that has made the subtle culture shock I have been experiencing since worth it: If you can make $1,000 to $3,000 monthly, live well below your means, and save money you can live comfortably in a developing country. (Here is a list

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