4 Out of 5 with Student Loans Can’t Buy a Home

New Survey Shows the Impact of Student Debt on Homeownership Financial aid in college can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. It can lead to an advanced degree that leads to a better job with higher pay and superior benefits. It can also be a hindrance: it’s the reason why millennials with student loans can’t buy a home.

Home Prices Outpace Pay Increases

Affordable housing is increasingly hard to find in today’s market. According to data from Trulia, America’s inventory of starter homes has decreased by almost half compared to six years ago while prices rose by almost 58 percent.

Will Trump Make It Harder to Discharge Student Loan Debt?

div Bankruptcy Rules Might Go Up for Review According to the G.19 Consumer Credit Report recently released by the Federal Reserve, America’s total student loan debt has topped $1.5 billion – and we are having trouble paying off that debt. At of the end of 2017, a whopping 11 percent of student loans were either ninety days delinquent or in default.

Best Buys for Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming up on June 17. What can you get dad to celebrate his special day without loading up the credit cards?

How Much Will There Be in 2018 Father’s Day Spending?

Father’s Day will be here soon. Have you picked up anything for Dad yet?

You Might Be Underinsured. Ethos Can Fill in the Gaps.

Helping the Underinsured, Ethos Makes Term Life Insurance Affordable No other financial product provides the kind of security you get from life insurance. It helps beneficiaries during truly painful circumstances. Sadly, most adults either don’t have life insurance or have insufficient coverage for all of the things that arise in bereavement and its aftermath.

Student Loan Interest Rates Rise — What Borrowers Need to Know

Are you planning to take out student loans soon? Be prepared to pay more for the privilege.

20 High School Graduation Gift Suggestions

The National Retail Federation expects graduation spending to reach $5.2 billion this year. Although the most popular gifts are cash and gift cards, they’re not the only things grads will love and appreciate. With that in mind, here are some high school graduation gift suggestions.

How to Stretch Your Dollar for an Online Startup Business

It's easier to start your own online business than ever before these days. Compared to starting a physical retail store, the costs are almost nonexistent. A online store that has similar sales numbers could earn up to $100,000 more each year than a retail location. This speaks to the price of physical infrastructure versus online infrastructure. For something as niche

5 Worst Mistakes of Online Borrowing

Getting a personal loan online has grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry, with lenders ranging from individuals in peer-to-peer programs to big banks. Although countless Americans have been helped by the ability to borrow money without leaving home, others have hurt themselves by being ill prepared for the process. “Because the loans are being evaluated remotely, the chances of making a mistake are increased,” warns Todd Nelson, business development officer of LightStream.com, which offers personal loans ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 in value. Nelson reveals the five worst mistakes you can make when borrowing money online.