My Worst Life Mistake Was Converting My Pension into an Annuity – Your Job’s Pension is Invaluable

After several years of being unemployed and living off the extremely strained graces of relatives, I made a financial decision that I regret to this very moment. I converted my pension into an annuity. I was a college adjunct and academic adviser in another life. Teaching was a career that didn’t appeal to me. I have been a freelance writer

Watch Investments That Increase in Value

(Ulysses Nardin image by Johnson Watch via P.D.) If you don’t have the strategic patience to wait for a stock pick to gain in value, then you probably shouldn’t try investing in luxury watches either. Also, the best watch as investment isn’t always one of the usual brand suspects. Or, brand as in the singular sense. When most people think

Cost-Efficient House Flipping Strategies That’ll Have You Stacking Bucks

Owning a house is a pain in the rear end. Is it the American dream? Sure. Still, maintaining a house can be a nightmare. Something in a house always break down or require repairs. A house does not take care of itself. That’s why I wonder if people develop realistic house flipping strategies before endeavoring to attempt one. House flipping

Best Rolex Models For Investment

When I was a child, I was exposed to rap music through my older brothers. They played Eric B. and Rakim records day-and-night. My favorite song from this duo is, “Microphone Fiend." Microphone fiend is a rapper who can’t live without manifesting its prowess as a lyricist - fiending for a microphone kind of like a drug addict fiend. What

Where Art Investors Should Invest

In a lot of scenarios, the question of where you buy art is as important as how to purchase it. Art investors have a number of options as to where they can buy pieces that will provide sizeable returns. 

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Valid Reasons Why You Can Refund Apps

I am not an app fanatic. Yes, we all have them. However, I use some in a utilitarian sense. I don’t spend all day religiously downloading apps. Also, can you refund apps? Most people don’t ask that question because they are too busy using them. I have apps for finances and favorite magazines. Also, I have a mixology app to