Automation Will Result in a Job Loss for Half of the Finance Industry

  Do you ever consider that this is the last era of humanity where human beings will occupy jobs that will soon be taken over by robots and automation? I don’t just mean in manufacturing and construction either. The simple robots that welded and constructed cars in auto plants in the 1980s were just the beginning. Automation and Job Loss

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Almost Half Of Millennial Homebuyers Have No Savings For A Down Payment

Nearly half of millennials who plan to buy a house in the near future have no savings for a down payment. According to a recent study by Apartment List, nine out of 10 millennial renters plan to buy a house, but 48% say they have no savings for a down payment. The study found that only 11% of millennials who plan

Calculating and Understanding Your Lifetime Wealth

Everyone wants to be rich. However, becoming rich is comparatively easier than staying rich. Additionally, becoming rich when you are accustomed or resigned to making an average income is nearly impossible. Unless you are born rich or marry into money, you will likely not luck into wealth like they do in Hollywood movies. No one becomes rich just by working

What You Should Know About the Best Quick Loan Sites

Money problems happen to all of us at one time or another. No matter our best intentions and efforts, the time may come when you just can’t pay your bills. Or, you struggle to make ends meet. You may live paycheck to paycheck. Or, an emergency expenditure may wipe out your savings. Being short on cash is a problem that

What Are the Odds: Why the Taxman Really Wins The Lottery

There is one American tax that Americans seems to have no gripes about voluntarily paying – the lottery. In fact, Americans shelled out about $80 billion to play their luck in 2016. They are really playing with luck in this sense. Owing to some official rule changes enacted in 2015, it is now statistically harder to win a jackpot lottery.

Best Laptop for Trading Stocks 2018

The current, burgeoning bear market is making a lot of investors anxious. However, knowing how to read the market and being prepared are the best tools you can employ when trading stocks. For instance, did you know that a market correction occurs about every two years? You need as much information and knowledge earned from experience as possible when trading

Penny Stocks and Alerts: What You Should Know

Unfortunately, the price of entry to the stock market for many budding investors can be quite prohibitive. Depending on your point of interest, you could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to invest in stocks based on per-share pricing. However, budget-conscious and adventurous investors can take advantage of penny stock alerts and newsletters. Before we get into all of that,

Tips for Choosing the Best Investment Coach

Investing is a long-term game. For the novice or occasional investor to expect to make outsized gains in a short period of time, or overnight is wildly ambitious at best. Or, willful ignorance of financial market reality at best. The average or occasional investor may not see an appreciable return on their initial investment for years or decades. The company

First Time Investor? Here’s Some Stress Relieving Advice

There is a saying that bad investment decisions are akin to a tax on intelligent people who commit stupid actions with their money. Also, strategic investing become more prohibitively expensive as we age. If you wait until you are in your mid-40s to begin investing, you will have to save over three times as much money than you would have

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Is Power Ledger a Good Investment? Here’s What You Should Know

Homeowners can only trade excess energy they generate with local energy companies for discounts. Or for off-peak hour energy redistribution. Contrary to popular belief, no one sells any excess solar power energy that they generate to power companies. Homeowners receive any excess energy as a credit. This process is called net-metering. The energy company doesn’t cut you a check if

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