Half of You Were Affected by the Equifax Breach – What You Should Do

  Want to ruin your day? This is the official website set up by legal settlement authorities to help you verify if your personal financial information was compromised in the infamous July 2017 Equifax hack. If you input your last name and the last 6 digits of your Social Security number you can find out if your information was compromised.

Rowdy Tourist Behavior in These Countries Will Cost You Dearly

I must be a boring guy. As I began writing this article, I tried to think about all of the crazy things that I have ever done while on vacation. I won’t cop to anything I did in private, so I must admit that I always try to behave myself when I am in another country. Unfortunately, many Westerners lose

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Free and Discounted Summer Food Offers

Did you know that the average American spent over $3,000 on takeout food in 2015? In 2016, Americans spent over $54 billion on takeout and bar drinks. Meanwhile, they only spent about $52 billion on grocery purchases. That is incredible when you think about it. Americans are more likely to get takeout or dine out instead of cooking at home.

Tricks Casinos Pull to Get You to Gamble More

When it comes to gambling, a large number of people have to lose a lot of money for a few to delude themselves into thinking that luck is their personal on-call saint. Also, what most people fail to realize is that the house always wins. In 2016, the global gambling industry made over $400 billion. Keep in mind, those are

Investing in Art is a Risky Proposition

I love the Tim Burton-directed Batman film from 1989 for a character establishing scene with no action sequence. In the first act of the film, there is a scene where Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is throwing a party as two partygoers snoop around Wayne Manor. The two come across a spacious, personal art gallery. Bruce Wayne’s home has a private

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Beware the Card Cracking Scam That Makes Victims Accomplices

Innocence and willful stupidity are two extremely different things. It’s the difference between being young enough not to be able to appreciate the long-term consequences of actions and being old enough to know better yet pretending not to know. If life is hard enough, if personal problems are bad enough, its always easy to see what one wants to see.

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