Beware the Card Cracking Scam That Makes Victims Accomplices

Innocence and willful stupidity are two extremely different things. It’s the difference between being young enough not to be able to appreciate the long-term consequences of actions and being old enough to know better yet pretending not to know. If life is hard enough, if personal problems are bad enough, its always easy to see what one wants to see.

Here’s Why You Should Rethink Taking Out a Wedding Loan

Although roughly 827,000 divorces happen every year, that fact doesn’t do much to dissuade happy couples from tying the knot. That said, if you want your marriage to succeed, you might want to do everything you can to avoid financial issues; after all, money is cited as the second leading cause of divorce. For those who want to start their marriages off the right way, planning a wedding within your budgetary means is essential. In other words, you should steer clear of overspending. Unfortunately, that’s one mistake a lot of American couples are making. In fact, taking out a wedding loan is becoming more common than ever — but that doesn’t mean you should follow the trend.

Millennials Won’t Buy a New Home Unless It Suits Their Pets

I was terrified when I first began looking at homes to buy. There is much to consider. One-bedroom or two bedrooms? Should I buy a home that accommodates my current family size, or one that is big enough in case we have an addition? Perhaps I should choose a home with a connected garage, so I am not soaked when

Micro-Investing With Stash

I don’t own a Twitter account. That might be a digitally blasphemous thing to say in the 21st century, but I’ll weather the slings and arrows. I just don’t see the value in owning one. You have to be famous to amass followers who will add to your fame or buy products. Most followers are following people for gossip, news,

Spare Change Investing With Acorns

No one becomes independently wealthy by investing in bank accounts alone. Bank accounts and savings accounts, especially those with high-yield interest generation, are great places to park your cash. Or, to create emergency funds. However, such returns on parked money are minimal, even at banks with great rates. The average interest range for most savings accounts, for example, ranges between

Paying $130K to Risk Death on Mt. Everest

Most people take a vacation when they just can’t take it anymore. Sometimes, vacation is a way for people to decompress emotionally from the stresses of work. The idyllic image that comes to the mind for most people when they hear the word, “vacation,” is of someone lounging on a beach with sunglasses. Still, other people see a vacation as