4 Fiscally Feasible Financial Tips for the Frugal Fiancee

Weddings aren’t just expensive parties; they’re life-changing rites of passage. They often carry great religious significance. Of course, for the bride and groom, this magical day is preceded by months of arduous tasks and stressful planning. The attending guests only see the final product. They miss out on what went into the event planning. For many couples, especially those struggling with student loans and stagnant wages, it’s also a time of belt-tightening and penny-pinching. In other words, weddings aren’t cheap. For the wife to be, being a frugal fiancee helps.  

5 Great Tips For Getting and Staying Out of Debt

The combined debt of Americans has hit a record $13.1 trillion. That means most of us need to learn about staying out of debt When Do We Accumulate Debt? According to Time Money, the average American starts accumulating debt in their 20s and 30s. That debt nearly doubles by the time they are in their late 30s and 40s. To put that in perspective, here’s how much typical Americans owe in debt overall, broken down by age group:

FreedomPop Review-Is FreedomPop Legit?

Internet and cell phone plans are extremely expensive. In my area, the average internet bill is $75 a month. Because I’m always looking for new ways to save money, I began searching for some of the cheaper hotspot and internet options available. While most companies charge around $5+ for 200MB of data, FreedomPop launched a 100% free mobile hotspot plan. For exactly $0 per month, you can get 200MB of international mobile data. If you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true, you’re not alone. Paying $0 seems unbelievable and has many people wondering, is FreedomPop legit and, if so, how reliable is the service? So, to take a look at this question, I went ahead and ordered one of their wireless hotspots.

Making Fresh Produce Affordable: Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden

Grocery bills have a tendency to add up fast; especially if you are not loading up on prepackaged foods and prefer to cook your own meals. Budgeting your trips to the market can be a chore even when feeding only yourself, much less a family. And many times you may find yourself going without some of the fresh produce and

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Have You Heard About the Digital Customer Journey?

The internet is not only about the business websites or E-commerce portals or technology platforms; this era is all about changed behaviour, in terms of accessibility and search. The consumer of business products and services are now in different arena when it comes to making decisions. The world of traditional marketing (TV, radio, newspapers, magazine) has a much bigger competitor

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Mail Theft: What To Do When Your Mail Is Messed With

Any city dweller, especially those living in an apartment, is familiar with the worry of a long-awaited package being snatched from your stoop or building’s mail room. Do you know what to do when your mail actually gets tampered with? Ensure Mail Theft Has Occured First of all, make sure your suspicion that your package or mail was stolen is strongly supported. Have you had things lost before? Sometimes mail simply falls through the cracks. Check that packages weren’t hidden or misplaced by the deliverer or post office, even if you received a notification that it was delivered. Blogger and freelance writer Emily Price ordered an AC unit during the recent California heat wave, and was disappointed to find it missing, presumed stolen, not long after it was marked as delivered online. She contacted the seller of the ordered item ASAP to let them know about the situation. Luckily, they sympathized and offered a refund or to send her another AC unit.

4 Tips to Help You Save as a Broke College Student

You can find a lot of content about saving for college. But what about saving in college? College is the next level; the next chapter; the next stage in your journey into adulthood. While all of the movies about college have made it seem like a four-year-long party, college can be pretty stressful. Between classes, projects, midterms, papers, and everything else that is synonymous with a higher education, many students have to worry about finances as well.

Use This 3×5 Card to Advance Your Financial Life

How much information do you think you would need to change your financial life? How many classes would you need to take? Or how many counseling sessions would you need to have before you felt you could handle your personal finances? As a previous financial advisor, I met more than my fair share of clients that could have used hours and hours of my time and never really got their finances in order. So maybe simple is better. So let’s use this 3×5 card to advance your financial life.  The card was written by University of Chicago Professor Harold Pollack who basically says that the best personal finance advice is simple and available for free at your local library.

Shopping Smart During Those Massive Online Sales

Now that Amazon has a successful yet slightly rocky Prime Day 2018 under its belt, they may have an idea of exactly how huge their customer base is. It's so big that it crashed the site in the first hour of Prime Day's launch. Amazon reported that their sales in the first hour still surpassed their first-hour sales on Prime Day 2017

3 Social Media Marketing Trends for This Summer

Social media has definitely become an integral part of marketing and can be extremely effective at increasing web traffic and boosting sales. However, social media, like other forms of marketing, is subject to the fluctuations of society. While it would be nice to set up your social media account for your small business and let it run itself, it requires

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