How To Pay Off Your Student Loans

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Getting stuck in debt sucks. That’s obvious, but what isn’t obvious is how easy it is to get out of that situation. Setting yourself up for financial success out of school is a lesson that is invaluable but not often taught to us from a young age or while we’re in school. I want to help you with that. Hopefully

How Do These 3 Major Life Events Affect Your Credit Score?

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No matter your relationship with credit cards, it’s important to know about and understand your credit score. And whether you like it or not, certain life events can have a major impact on this number. Not sure which ones matter the most? Here are three major life events that could impact your credit score and how they might do it.

Start Accepting it – You’re Never Going to be a Rich Social Media Influencer. Here’s Why

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(Cotton candy influencer. Image by Kaila Yu via CC BY 2.0 ) The holidays are really tough time for freelance workers in the gig economy. I speak from experience. Free time kind of feels like wasted time to gig economy workers. We’re always looking for new work. Especially over the holidays. I’ve even considered becoming a social media influencer. It’s

How Do Coupon Codes Save You Money In Life

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For a long time, coupons where just literally pages that came in the mail or attached to certain products that you bought. For some folks, these coupons were not exactly useful. The problem in the pre-internet era was that tracking down coupons for products that you used was pretty hard. In this day and age, however, things have changed drastically.

Student Financial Security: Measuring Your Bank Account

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It’s no secret that college is expensive. Though some areas are trying to offer students more in the way of financial assistance, attempting to help them get through a 4-year degree, other areas are refusing to budge, with some even removing certain student aid. For most people, that means leaving college with a hefty amount of debt. But even while

You Should be Aware of Green Monday, the 3rd Biggest Online Shopping Day You’ve Never Heard Of

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Annual shopping day events have become pop culture institutions in this country. For better or worse. Black Friday, for example, is arguably the biggest shopping event of the year. It’s an annual tradition where shoppers publicly scramble for above-average savings in stores. This event also has a dark reputation for the rowdiness and danger involved. It’s no wonder that with