The Esoteric Traits of Millionaire Forex Traders

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One of the most overused dictums in this age is “first act like one and then become one.” Only those who have applied this principle in their lives know how accurate it is. Aspiring traders should extract insight from this dictum and start to act like a millionaire Forex trader in order to become one.

Budgeting With Kids at a Young Age

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If you struggled to learn how to budget in your adulthood, you probably wish your parents had walked you through budgeting basics when you were young. Now that you are starting to raise small humans of your own, you should start thinking about how you are going to impart your money management wisdom and set them up for lifetime financial success. Like most complex topics, money is best introduced to kids when they are young, so they have a strong foundation of financial literacy. However, budgeting is a tough concept for little minds to grasp — so how should you go about teaching your toddlers how to save and spend?

Stop Drinking, Start Saving: How Sobriety Could Help You Cut Costs

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In the midst of our current health crisis, countless Americans are also worried about the state of the economy. While stocks typically begin to rise anywhere from three to six months prior to economic recovery, many people living in the U.S. are still struggling to make ends meet. From mass layoffs and unemployment filings to a lack of stimulus payments

Yes, the Money You Owe Can Be the Reason for Your Blues | Debt and Depression

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  Did you know that those that are in debt are substantially more likely to suffer from depression? If you have debt, then, yes, money issues could be the cause of your blues. Let’s take a look.

Getting a Loan Without a Bank Account

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You wouldn’t necessarily be wrong to assume that taking out a loan requires owning a bank account. Most lenders, after all, pay with direct-to-account deposits, want to see some form of credit history, and need to see proof employment. But there are some types of loans that even people without an account can take advantage of, though there aren’t that many available. To get a comprehensive breakdown of loans for people in this position, click here.

How to Trade a Car You Still Owe Money On

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Car sales were declining long before the coronavirus pandemic struck. In Q2 2020, auto sales plunged by over 30% in the United States. That was the largest drop in the sales of new cars since 2009, the time of the global financial crisis. There are numerous factors to explain this drop in sales. And it is not just the pandemic,