What to Include in Your Social Media Essay

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Suppose you are a student and you need to write a social media essay. Where should you start? First of all, let’s understand the basic terminology. So, the social media essay is an academic assignment that is somehow connected with social networks, instant messengers, and the Internet. As a student, you have to describe a web service, its impact on young people, or other aspects related to the online segment. But what should you add to your essay? Here’s where you should start.

Things in Your House You Can Sell Right Now

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Americans are more stressed about their financial security and financial futures than ever before. According to a recent CreditWise and Capital One survey, over 73% of Americans are constantly stressed about their finances. Worrying about money was the number stress factor in the lives of most Americans. And worrying about politics, work, and family came in at second, third, and

Is It Safe to Get Cash Advances Online?

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  Online cash advances are the easiest fixes to cover expenses before your next salary. But, several financial institutions are offering these so-called payday loans. So, you need to be vigilant.

Christmas Loans: The Best and Worst Times to Borrow

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  When the most wonderful time of the year winds up being the most expensive, too, you might be tempted to take out a personal loan this holiday season. Everyone needs a loan at some point to help smooth over financial speed bumps, but are the holidays worth the trouble? 

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Energy Costs

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With winter just around the corner, you might be bracing yourself for an increase in the cost of your energy bills. With colder weather comes a greater need to warm your home, so you end up spending more money than you would in milder seasons. However, this doesn't mean you can't save money on these bills. With some planning ahead,

Important Traits to Have as an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship is not something for everyone. However, like any other field, you should have specific skills and qualities to succeed in this area. Whether you're starting your business from scratch or you decide to buy a franchise, it requires the same dedication and hard work to run a business and lead it to its success. Below are some common traits