Protecting Your Business Assets: 6 Ways to Fund Your Business

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Source For businesses operating on a small scale that haven’t got high-value assets to their name, the thought of using their assets as collateral for a loan can be worrisome. You do not want to put your personal home on the line and your business has a limited number of assets, so what do you do when you need funds?

Recycling Old Home Tech With Energy-Efficient Replacements

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Out with the old, in with the new. The euphoria of replacing an old, dingy item with a shiny new replacement — it's a great feeling. That feeling is multiplied when the replacement is well priced, energy efficient and easy on the eyes. Look around your house. There are probably a number of items that could be upgraded with new

8 Genius Hacks to Pay Less in Small Business Tax

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Small business owners work towards making sure they maximize their returns and time to get the best from their businesses. They therefore, barely have time to think of ways to save money. In recent times, most small business owners are substantially analyzing their taxes to find a way through which they can save more following the new small business tax reforms targeting them.

Essential things to consider while buying a car

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Purchasing a car is not a small issue. If the consumer has not planned it wisely before making a car purchase, then it results in the most expensive purchase of the customer. Even if the customer makes some proper plan but still one of the main issues those prevail always is “How will he come to know that he is

Is a Swimming Pool an “Attractive Nuisance,” Liability Risk?

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Whether or not you believe in global warming, you still have to admit that our summers are getting pretty hot. One of the best ways to cool off is to jump into a pool. However, that is not always the easiest thing to do for people who live in suburban areas. Public swimming pools and facilities may be far away. 

Why Treasury Bonds are a Safe Bet for Inexperienced Investors

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The key to a successful investment is taking advantage of opportunities with potentially high rates of returns with the lowest risk of investment. Additionally, that key must be gripped by a patient hand. Investing is a skill that needs to be honed and perfected over time in order for it to be used properly. Investment isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and