Retirement Challenges: This Is Why Not Retiring Is Best

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Nowadays, we're faced with a number of retirement challenges, with only a select demographic of elderly people able to retire comfortably, solvent, and never having to work again. The standards of living, the economic realities of business, and stagnant working-class wages mean that many workers may never get to retire. Retirement Challenges Over 40% of all people who expect to

Receive Pension Even Without Aadhaar

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For the last few years, there have been several missed deadlines and Supreme Court stays regarding the linking of Aadhaar numbers to bank accounts. While we still wait to see whether it is indeed necessary for every individual to link his or her Aadhaar number with their account, it was apparently made mandatory for current and ex government employees to

How Online Casinos Affect Personal Finance

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Sports betting, online poker, blackjack or bingo-do they have an influence on your personal finance? Hardly a day passes by without viewing a TV or magazine ad referring you to a casino website. Some people choose to ignore the ads. But for others, occasional gambling is nothing more than a harmless, fun hobby. Where online gambling is legal, governments enforce

How to Get Cash In An Instant

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There’s always going to be a situation where you will need to find cash, and fast! Because of new technology, it has become easier for people, especially those who just got out of college, to make a quick buck. One thing’s for sure, there’s always the internet to give us a platform to get fast cash. There are other ways,

Personal Loan’s Facts Everyone Should Know

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One thing that is common among Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen-Xers is that they all know how to handle money and, if required, how to borrow from various sources. Almost 83.5 million Americans which means 34%, opted for personal loans last year.  Using online financial lending companies or old style physical loan stores/banks the number of borrowers seems to be

Ways to Make Money in One Month or Faster

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There are a lot of ways you can make money fast. The problem is a lot of them take years of experience and the others are illegal. If you want to make some extra cash, but you don’t know how - this article is for you. Who knows, you could only be a couple hours from making the extra cash

Best Ways To De-Stress

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Let’s face it! Stress is now part of our daily lives. But for you? What will you categorise as stress? For some, it is a little quickening of the heart rate, a slight feeling of uneasiness or just feeling anxious and something in your tummy… Whichever description stress acquires from you, it will not be a good thing! However, the

How You Got Out Of Debt?

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Indulging into debt is easy, because you are praised every time you overspend with more. On the contrary getting out of debt is hard, because you send money away to creditors and get nothing in return. So you won’t just straggle out of debt like you straggled into it .You need a plan. You need the support of your liable

How to Excel in the Online Selling Business

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Have you ever wanted to dip your hand into the pot of gold at the end of the internet nyan cat rainbow? In other words, do you want money? Of course you do. You wouldn’t have read this article if that weren’t the case. Well, skipper, you’re in the right place. Because here, you’re going to learn a few tried

How to Use a Credit Card to Get Out of Debt

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Debt is something that everyone can relate to. We’ve all had to apply for a car loan, a mortgage, or a credit card at some point in life. Carrying a little bit of debt is rarely a cause for concern, but having high amounts of debt and maxed out credit cards can be a source of financial strain. Thankfully there