How To Use $6 Black Gorilla Tape to Fix Minor Bumper Damage

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Want to guesstimate whether your neighbor can afford their car? Look for haphazard and unsightly do-it-yourself repair jobs. Growing up in New York City, I saw this all the time. And if you don't see others doing it, then it might be you. Patching up a bumper is expensive but that’s no reason to not conduct a clean patch-up job.

Can Undocumented Immigrants Open an IRA?

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  The United States has a long history of immigration tied to its founding and commercial expansion. The Pilgrims were immigrants. Contrary to popular belief, the founding fathers of this country showed fealty to England for a long time because they considered themselves products of English immigration. George Washington considered himself English and even fought as a commissioned English officer

How Can You Incorporate Stocks Into Your Retirement Strategy?

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Adding stocks to your retirement strategy can help boost wealth and income. How can you incorporate stocks into your retirement strategy? Planning for retirement can be daunting, but whether you do it yourself or seek guidance from a professional, you can benefit by incorporating stocks into your plan. Here are a few ways to incorporate stocks into your retirement. Capital

How I Fell Into $40,000 of Debt and Eventually Got Out

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Dee Baker is financial contributor who writes about money management, tips for getting out of debt, and investing for the long haul. I write about personal finances for a living, but that doesn't mean I've always managed my own money like an expert. In fact, it's some of the difficult growing pains I faced that lead directly to my self-education

I Saved $700 Replacing the Suspension On My Car

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Have you ever taken your car into the shop and been given bad news: they recommend you do a repair and it's going to cost over $1,000. I got that news a few weeks ago, and as I'm saving up money for my wedding I knew I didn't have that kind of money for repairs. I also knew that I

Force Yourself to Save

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Saving money isn't easy. When you get that paycheck on Friday and you're ready to hit the town and have some fun, it takes a lot of discipline (or a ridiculously huge paycheck) to be willing to save a good chunk of that money. Some people know themselves well enough that they won't voluntarily save money, so they come up