Is Your Health Harming Your Paycheck?

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When money is tight, having a reliable, steady paycheck makes a huge difference. Many people these days don’t have a reliable source of income – either hourly wages are too low to be consistent or multiple jobs are necessary to make ends meet. However, there may be another factor that could be limiting your paycheck: your health. Poor health can have a serious impact on your overall paycheck, depending on your job and circumstances. Starting Young Health issues are linked to absenteeism both at work and earlier on in life at school. For those families easily able to afford healthcare, absenteeism due to chronic conditions is usually less of a problem. However, when affording preventive care isn’t realistic, children can end up missing surprising amounts of school time. Even dental health, which often goes overlooked, can have a serious impact.

5 Simple Yet Smart Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Property

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Homeownership rates have made a slow but steady increase in the last several years. With buyers looking to settle down and find their new dream home, you have a great opportunity to sell your house. But before you put your home on the market, make sure you’re doing everything you can to get the most money for your home. Here are five great smart home improvements that will skyrocket your home’s value.

Can I Travel With CBD Products?

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CBD is a cannabinoid in the cannabis and hemp plants. This makes its legality a little iffy, let alone the ability to travel with it. Now that CBD oil extracted from hemp is legal in all 50 states, traveling with CBD just got a lot easier! But what if you’re traveling internationally? However, you could run into some restrictions. If

Businesses and “Real Life” Activities

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Taking Care of Modern Business Matters The business world has changed significantly in recent decades. Things are nothing like they used to be in the past. The digital realm is something that's totally natural and seamless to the vast majority of professionals in modern society. People take care of most things via the Internet. They manage business conferences online. They

Making Gardening Affordable

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If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your grocery bill, consider starting your own backyard garden. Depending on the food you grow, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars. Growing your own food also has several health benefits. You’ll eat more fresh produce, come in less contact with pesticides, and get exercise by tending to your garden. Of

Don’t Marie Kondo Your Important Documents (Yet): Here’s How Long to Keep Pay Stubs

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43% of Americans wish they had a bigger house, maybe you’re one of them. You’ve been on a kick lately, trying to see what you can get rid of to free up some space and give yourself some breathing room. You’ve been eyeing those stacks of paper boxes, wondering, “Do I really need to keep all this?”