Do I Need a Stock Trading License?

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When starting out as a new trader in stocks, knowing what follows after you begin trading can seem somewhat overwhelming. What type of certifications or licensing do you need? Can you trade without a license? Luckily, you don't have to go in blind. Research is key to being successful in the stock market. What Type of License Do I Need?

Buying a Ski Vacation Home: How To Make the Best Investment Choice

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If you are ready to invest in a ski resort home or condo, there will be many decisions to make. From financing issues to worrying about making first-time investment errors, much goes into finding a property that suits your needs. Choosing the type of home to buy can be especially challenging if you are looking for a residence that gives

Affordable Vacation Spots in Surreal and Lesser Known Locales

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There are many exciting, surreal, and awe-inspiring places that you can visit in the world – that are affordable, especially if you are working with the average $1,200-a-person budget. Here are some affordable vacation spots you might want to consider. Affordable Vacation Spots You Might Not Know About Over 30% of all travelers visit the exact some country, location, and

Treat Yourself: Luxury Food You May Be Too Ashamed To Buy

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Most people save about $40 a week by eating at home instead of eating out. If you sacrifice week after week this way, what’s wrong with splurging once a year on a luxury food item? You only live once, and you might be able to absorb the cost if you primarily eat at home. With that in mind, here is

What is a Software Patent?

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Technology is evolving faster than ever before, and without question, computer software has changed almost every part of life in America. We put computers and the software that allows them to operate in everything from cars to coffee makers. So, in light of computer software’s usefulness, it might not come as a surprise to you that a software developer can

Why Nearly Half of All Americans Pay Nothing in Federal Income Tax

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When it comes to federal income tax, no one benefits as much as the taxman, no matter where you live. The Internal Revenue Service of the United States collected over $3.4 trillion in taxes in 2017. The only relatively minor silver lining to this fact is that the federal government handed out about $440 billion in refunds that same year.

Why Most Currency Traders Lose Money (and How to Avoid These Mistakes)

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Currency trading is arguably one of the most lucrative investment strategies in existence. While financial articles often highlight the success stories, the irony is that the majority of traders will actually lose money from a long-term point of view. Why is this the case? What mistakes are being made and perhaps most importantly, how can you avoid such pitfalls? Let

Emergency Cash: How Your Jewelry Can Save Your Life

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There are many different things that you will need in an emergency, such as water, food, first-aid, and other, similar life-saving, or life-sustaining items. All of them are important, but what about the times when you need more transactional items? For that you need money, but you may not be in a position to acquire the money you need, maybe

How can you select a foreign exchange service?

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The market of foreign exchange is vast and it comprises exchange of currencies like a business. Similar to a stock market, foreign exchange involves trading but it’s different as the parties involved in the exchange do it directly in person, on the internet, or on the phone. For making an internet exchange possible, you must use one forex online trading

Odd Tax Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Even though the collection of taxes has a purpose, it still doesn’t seem to make anyone feel better. (At least, it doesn’t make me feel any better.) However, recently I started looking up unorthodox tax collection methods and found some interesting stuff. My motto in life is that if you don’t laugh for a minute, you’ll just end up crying