According to industry professionals, such as Paul Daneshrad, there are a few ways to find success in the real estate business. By dropping certain excuses and paying attention to these musts, you can get ahead of your competition and be successful. Here are some of the most important practices for real estate agents to improve their business.

1. Follow Up With Your SOI

Success comes when you follow up. Too many agents ignore this practice. Less than one-quarter of homeowners use an agent they have worked with before. Less than half find an agent based on referrals from friends and family. That means that many of the clients you work with won’t remember you. All you had to do was reach out. Most agents claim they are too busy or don’t know what to say. Those are excuses, not solid reasons. Make the calls and talk to people. Nurture your connections. Wasting your time and money on other things isn’t a good idea and will let your potential leads and clients slip through your grasp.

2. Revisit Your Business Plan

Most people don’t want to think about their business plan. They think it’s boring. Others think it is a hassle. Some don’t see the point in having a plan. Having a goal and no plan is not a good practice. One of the best practices real estate agents can incorporate is having a business plan you can rely on. Fortunately, there is a hassle-free way to revisit it. Look at some industry-specific templates. Then, you don’t have excuses to avoid this step. Instead, you can check it and make adjustments throughout the year. Most successful agents revisit their plans multiple times in a year. This is due to changes in the economy that could impact your numbers. The key to success is to stay on top of these numbers and your plan.

3. Take Time Off

There are some sad facts out there. One of them is that most small business owners don’t take Thanksgiving off. This is true whenever real estate agents claim they don’t have time for themselves. However, failing to take a vacation is a big mistake that you should avoid.

There are plenty of practices agents can incorporate to be more successful. These options are all ways you can grow your business. Whether you make phone calls or take a vacation, these are all important practices. Get started on them as soon as possible to find success.

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