Christmas shopping can be stressful and expensive. But let’s be real, we put that on ourselves.

Christmas is a time when we should be enjoying family not going broke over the latest toys and gadgets. If you want to skip all of the stress that comes along with Christmas this season these tips will help get you there.

Communicate with Family About Christmas Budgets

Having to buy gifts for everyone in your family not to mention friends, teachers, babysitters, and more gets expensive fast.

If you’re feeling stressed out about having to buy so many gifts it’s pretty likely that your other family members are too. Talk to your family and friends and set realistic expectations.

Maybe instead of buying everyone a gift you can do a gift exchange. Or instead of spending $30 on a gift you can spend $15. Maybe some family members would be willing to abandon gift exchanges altogether.

Work out some sort of arrangement that everyone is comfortable with.

Keep Your Budget Realistic

It can be really hard to stay in the budget you set for yourself. It’s fun to buy the people you love gifts that you know they’ll enjoy, which makes going overboard easy.

Instead of falling victim to impulse purchases and overspending set your budget and stick to it. Once you have someone’s name marked off your list stop buying!

Look for Great Deals

If you shop smart you can make your money go pretty far. The key is finding those great deals.

You can use a service like Chippmunk to look for online deals and coupon codes based on price, retailer, and department. It’s pretty much a one stop shop for finding good prices and coupon codes when Christmas shopping online.

If you are Canadian, you can find deals too. Many Canadian shopping deals can be found at Ebates.

And if you’re shopping in store don’t forget to look for a mobile coupon to pair with the sale you found.

Create Memories – Not Clutter

Christmas doesn’t have to be about lavishing everyone with gifts. It should be about spending time with family and creating memories.

Instead of worrying about spending money create a tradition. If you have kids pull out the elf on the shelf and have fun with that. If you want to create memories with your extended family host a party, have movies watching session, or bake cookies.

In the end those memories are what really matters!

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