Promoting your business is essential due to leads generation, brand awareness, and higher profits. And if you chose to design and sell t-shirts, you are lucky because, according to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), in 2015 wearables have made the major part (32.04%) of sales by product. However, to make it work efficiently and increase sales, you need to have a comprehensive promotion plan. Advertising your company is challenging, and with time it might get overwhelming, that’s why concentrating on the right methods is essential. Try these tips on how to effectively promote your company and watch how it starts to grow.


Define the target audience

No matter how great your product is, if you communicate it to the wrong audience, it won’t reach its goals. This mostly applies to the brands which have a unique concept and a specific niche for their products. For instance, if your business specifies on manufacturing t-shirts with music bands attributes, then target music enthusiasts and fans of the bands. The easiest way to reach this particular audience is social media channels, most of them allow you to choose highly specific search settings. However, try omnichannels and define what works the best for your business.

Business giveaways

Are you attending a promotional event? Great, because as a t-shirt vendor you don’t even have to make additional corporate gifts, you can successfully use your own production. And as mentioned before, people love wearables when it comes to freebies. According to PPAI, after receiving a promotional gift 79% of people do research on the company, and even 83% are more likely to do business with the brand later on. But have in mind, that people get tons of business gifts during events, therefore yours has to stand out the way that people would memorize it.

Host a contest

Online contests work great for promoting your business with low costs involved, especially, if you use social media channels. Arrange a contest where people could compete to get free t-shirts, in advance, they would tag their friends on the post and share your message. This will not only boost your social media engagement but will also increase brand awareness. Additionally, it will raise your company’s image as it shows an open communication with followers and potential clients.

Remind your clients about yourself

No matter how much people appreciate your business, eventually, they will forget about it. In this case, from time to time, you have to remind them about the company. One of the methods is email campaigns, using a newsletter allows putting the latest updates and news regarding your brand. Decide what fits your business best, is it a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter, what forms are most appealing to your audience and what is the best method of implementation. Also, you can use a newsletter to send vouchers to your customers and links to get freebies. It will make clients excited to get your newsletter and participate actively in a company’s life.

Be your own promoter

T-shirt business is beneficial when it comes to a company’s identity, as you can always wear your own production to promote it. If you are attending a networking event to find valuable prospects or hosting a public campaign for your customers, always wear your custom-made t-shirts. When people see you, they should associate you with the brand, thus having an extra t-shirt is crucial. You can also give them as freebies for your partners and clients, that will increase your brand awareness and will make people memorize it.

Host an event

Events work ideally to make a long-lasting impression, it makes customers and business partners relate more to your brand, especially, if an event is exclusive and unique. Instead of just serving free snacks and beverages, offer interactive activities to guests. As a t-shirt printing service, you can open a workshop where participants could use their skills to design their own t-shirts or host a fashion show. It will be an entertaining experience which will make people memorize your brand for quite some time.

Moreover, make your events look professional, it is easy if your company uses a WordPress platform for its website. You can effortlessly create a professionally looking and functional registration form using WordPress event registration plugin over at this website. This useful feature will save you from unnecessary hassle.


T-shirt printing and selling business is a genius idea for an online or offline company, yet like any other business, it requires investment in time and effort. The major part of making a profit will be involved in an advertisement. Try different ways of promoting your concept, find what works best for your business and don’t be afraid to invest in it, because eventually, a powerful campaign will pay off.

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