There are some expenses in life that make absolutely no sense when you consider what you get in exchange for your payment. One of these is a cable subscription. There is hardly anyone on earth, apart from the CEOs and shareholders, that find the rates for cable entertainment affordable and reasonable. Budget-friendly packages are still pricey compared to what you get, and for every TV provider in the country, the lowest-scoring category of satisfaction always deals with the monthly bill or cost of services. With Comcast/Xfinity bringing in almost $25 billion in revenue last year, there is extreme debate over the cost-effective solutions they are providing their customers. There is a huge gap in what they are offering their consumers and what they are proving the shareholders. If you have been wanting to lower your bill, here are few ways to help you negotiate a new cable rate.

1. Drop Your Plan

The easiest tip is to reduce what you pay are paying for. If you have a mid-level plan but don’t watch enough of the channels to justify the extra expense, lower your plan to the next level down. You might not need the fastest internet speeds or the NFL package.

2. Supplement With Alternatives

Dropping to a low-tier package might cause you to lose your favorite tv shows, with streaming options from a number of other apps and companies, you might be able to pick them up cheaper somewhere else. Services like Sling, Hulu, and Netflix are gaining in popularity as people are looking to ditch the cable costs.

3. Use the Bundling Option

Some cable companies offer services besides television, and by bundling services together you might be able to lower your bill. Bundling is usually a way to avoid high internet costs, but if you rely on your smartphone for most of your internet connectivity, this might not really be saving you any money. However, taking a cheap, bundled plan might save you some green while you look for alternatives.

4. Shop Around

One of the best ways to let your provider know how they measure up is to be familiar with the other options you have. A new provider will want your business and generally will offer you the moon if you sign a contract with them. While you may not be in a hurry to leave your current situation, having this option can help you be more forceful in your negotiations.

5. Simply Make the Call

Sometimes getting a low rate is as easy as picking up the phone and asking for one. Many companies allow their representatives to reward loyalty and encourage good customer service by offering a monthly discount for a limited time. Although it may only be ten dollars, it is ten less than you had to pay last month.

When all else fails with your provider, the age-old trick is to threaten to leave. While you may feel you are just a number to them, that number means profit and they will usually pull out all the stops to get you to stay. Too many empty threats will eventually get you nowhere, but the first time could actually provide you will a seriously discounted rate and excellent service package.

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