Even in this enlightened age we live in, the truth is women still don’t get a fair shake in the workplace. Though the glass ceiling might have some cracks in it, we’re still some time away from shattering it completely. As such, women need to strategize differently from men when planning for success in corporate America. Fortunately, you can make waves in the business world –– just by following these five simple steps:

Identify an Area of Expertise

While it’s great to have a myriad of skills and abilities, at the end of the day specialization is vital for advancement. Honing a particular skill to near perfection is a wonderful way to get noticed and make a big impact for your company. Furthermore, spreading yourself too thin with side hustles or other projects may be rewarding, but they probably won’t help you achieve your goals. Figure out what you do best and stick to that plan.

Listen to Successful People

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how few people actually seek out advice from their CEO or boss. Don’t think of your superior as a towering figure of menace –– use them as a resource to help you better understand your job. Picking their brain before or after work is also a tremendous way to build a strong rapport with them; or, in other words, “network.”

Seize Your Opportunities

If you feel you can’t go any further with your current company, or if you’ve always wanted to run your own business –– go for it. Starting a small business is fantastic use of your talents and abilities. Also, you can take advantage of business loans for women to help your company hit the ground running.

Embrace Ambition

Don’t feel you have to apologize for wanting the same things that men want –– rather, embrace your role as a strong woman in the office. Not only will it help you gain respect among your peers, but it will eliminate distractions and help you focus on your optimal career path.

Think Like a Woman

Let’s face it, men have dominated the corporate scene for decades (if not centuries) and things aren’t perfect. So the most important thing you can do is to bring something different to the table and above all, be yourself. Trying to mimic others or taking a backseat to others isn’t going to help you take the next step. Instead, be proactive, creative, and most of all courageous. It’ll make all the difference.


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